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Root Canal Therapy at Our Red Deer Clinic

Have you been experiencing a severe toothache when chewing or eating cold foods? Is there constant swelling and tenderness in an isolated part of your gums? If so, these symptoms may be giving you signs that the nerve in your tooth is damaged and at risk of infection. At Parkland Mall Dental Centre, conveniently located in Red Deer, our dentists regularly perform root canals on infected and decaying teeth to remove the infection, relieve your pain, and generally repair and save the tooth.


What Is a Root Canal?

Within each tooth resides a nerve and blood vessels, commonly called the pulp. When the pulp tissue becomes irreversibly inflamed or infected, it causes pain. This pain usually occurs because of cavities, fractures, trauma, and/or a deep filling. Fortunately, it's possible to save your tooth with root canal treatment.

During a root canal we clean every branch of the pulp to remove infected tissue. After removing all infected tissue, we fill the tooth with a substance that seals the root, thus enabling your immune system to get rid of any residual infection in the bone surrounding the tooth.

With proper medication and post-procedure care, the vast majority of our patients experience little or no pain after a root canal. The best time to perform the procedure is when the infection hasn't spread. If you are unsure whether your tooth needs a root canal, call us today.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

Oral hygiene is important for your overall well-being. If cavities or cracks (micro-fractures) in your teeth are left untreated, the nerve in the tooth can become irreversibly damaged or infected. This leads to the need for a root canal in order to save the tooth. Once the nerve in a tooth has been damaged, in general, the longer you wait to have it treated, the more painful the tooth is and the more risk there is of further damage or spreading of infection around the tooth and even into other parts of your body. Regular preventive dental check-ups and cleanings are an effective way to catch problems early and reduce complications. 


Signs That You Need Root Canal Treatment

There are several signs or symptoms of a badly decayed or infected tooth that indicate you may need root canal treatment. Contact our dentists if you experience any of these symptoms:

  • Extreme tooth sensitivity, especially while eating hot or cold food
  • Pain when chewing or biting
  • Swollen painful gums
  • Deep decay or darkened gums

For more information about our root canal treatment and how it can benefit you, read our blog.


Is There Any Alternative to Having a Root Canal?

If the tooth is damaged beyond repair, a dentist will recommend a tooth extraction. This can result in more treatment time and more work done on adjacent teeth and the surrounding tissue. You should always ask if a root canal procedure is feasible and advisable. Where possible, keeping your natural teeth is often the better option (cost-wise and because nothing can ever completely replace your natural tooth). With artificial teeth, you might have to avoid certain foods, thus restricting your diet.


Will It Be Painful?

Advances in technology, techniques and anesthetics have changed how root canals are done and how you experience them - they're now on par with the sensations you’d feel when getting a filling. Discomfort after the procedure will typically be associated with biting or chewing. This can be dealt with using pain killers or over-the-counter medication. If you have any questions or concerns about this, talk to our dentists in Red Deer for more information. 


Is It Expensive?

The cost of a root canal in Red Deer depends on how many branches the pulp has. If you have dental insurance, your out-of-pocket cost will depend on the level of coverage you have. Typically, having a root canal done is less expensive and less invasive of a procedure than an extraction and bridge or implant replacement. Talk to your dentist before you have the procedure done in order to understand the costs so you don’t get any surprises. At Parkland Mall Dental Centre, we follow the Alberta Dental Association fee guide for ALL procedures. 


How Long Does a Root Canal Take?

Time spent on the root canal depends on the complexity of what your tooth requires and what tooth is having the procedure. Barring any complications, our patients can usually get a root canal done in one 1-2 hour visit.


What Happens After My Root Canal?

After your root canal, you’ll most likely feel much better in the next 24 to 72 hours as the infection in the tooth will have been removed. You may experience mild discomfort on the tooth when biting or chewing. We suggest predominantly chewing on the other side of your mouth until the area heals. Teeth that have root canals often require a crown (also known as a cap) made out of porcelain or metal in order to make it strong and stop it from breaking; discuss this with your dentist.


How Do I Avoid the Need for Future Root Canal Treatments?

Proper oral hygiene and regularly scheduled check-ups and cleanings are key in preventing cavities and the need for potential future treatments. Make sure you brush and floss every day and maintain a healthy diet. Avoid foods high in sugar and acidic drinks, such as pop. If you’re an athlete, consider using a mouth guard to protect yourself from injury. If a cavity is detected, fix it early so that the remaining healthy tooth structure continues to be strong and resistant to cracks.

Contact Red Deer’s Parkland Mall Dental Centre for Root Canal Treatment

Our extended office hours permit us to provide urgent root canal services to all Red Deer residents and those in the surrounding area. If you require an emergency consultation, or would simply like to learn more about our root canal service, contact Parkland Mall Dental Centre today!

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