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dental Implants at our Red Deer clinic

An implant is essentially an artificial root for another type of dental restoration, anchoring it to your jaw. Dental implants can be used to secure crowns, bridges and dentures, and they are popular for this purpose because they provide the recipient with an experience that’s very similar to the one provided by natural teeth, and they also help preserve the underlying bone. Dentists in Red Deer can advise you regarding the various benefits of implants and whether they are the right choice to give you the function, stability and confidence you’re seeking.

Secure Your Dentures with Implants

If you’ve had removable dentures, you know that they aren’t always the most stable or secure. Even the most perfectly fitted dentures can become ill-fitting over time, moving around and providing you with a less than ideal experience. Chewing, and even speaking, may become more difficult.

Implants can be used by your dentist in Red Deer to permanently affix your dentures, giving them a level of security and strength that might not have otherwise been possible. They will function like natural teeth. Implants are safe, long-lasting and very well tolerated by patients.

Implants for Crowns & Bridges

If you are missing a single tooth, an implant can be placed and then fitted with a crown, providing a restoration that’s so successful it’s unlikely anyone will realize it’s not your natural tooth. For replacing multiple missing teeth, sometimes a fixed bridge is used. At Parkland Mall Dental Centre, our Red Deer dentists work with a team of specialists that will ensure you receive the care that’s appropriate for your unique needs.

Convenient Options for Dental Implants

At Parkland Mall Dental Centre, we strive to be a convenient choice for patients, offering both evening and weekend hours. We also provide direct billing to your insurance plan if you are eligible for benefits. To make an appointment, simply call, email or visit us today!

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