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Dentistry For Children In Red Deer 

It’s never too early to start thinking about dental care for your kids. When you introduce your children to the dentist at an early age, you are laying the groundwork for a lifetime of good oral health. We encourage all families with children to visit Parkland Mall Dental Centre for dentistry services in Red Deer!

Why Bring Your Kid to a Dentist at an Early Age?

As children grow, their teeth change. First, come baby teeth followed by permanent teeth. Ideally, parents should bring their children to the dentist for their first checkup within six months of the eruption of the first tooth or by one year of age. By age three, regular checkups are required every 6 to 12 months so that the dentist can examine your child's dental health, how the teeth are erupting, oral hygiene, diet, and growth patterns. Earlier dental checkups also make it easier to build a good rapport with your child to lay a foundation of trust and comfort for future visits.


Read our post to learn more about how often children should see their family dentist.


The First Visit to the Dentist with Your Child

The first visit by a young child need not be stressful. At Parkland Mall Dental Centre, we believe that healthy oral care for kids begins with education. With our patient-centric approach, we ensure that children are comfortable with us and all procedures they may need before we begin. During your child’s first visit to our dental office, you can expect your child enjoying in the dental chair, and getting instructions on how to brush teeth properly and counting teeth. Diagnosing and treating dental needs early helps to avoid pain and makes the child’s experience a positive one, which will serve them well for the rest of their lives.


The dentists at Parkland Mall Dental Centre have years of experience in providing dedicated dentistry for children in Red Deer.


We also have the option of laughing gas for children who are nervous to reduce anxiety and sensation during a dental procedure.


Benefits of Starting Good Habits for Oral Hygiene

When it comes to oral health, it is important for kids to start good habits early. There are multiple benefits to visiting the dentist with your child including:  

  • Primary teeth are placeholders and guides for permanent teeth. Regular care will identify potential problems and easier treatment solutions at an earlier stage; for example, a child may lose a baby tooth before the permanent tooth is ready to erupt, and therefore much space will be lost. So, a dental visit at the right time is beneficial.
  • Proper tooth alignment is important for children to articulate sounds properly. For proper speech development, a dental visit for your kid is important.
  • Generally, tooth pain, in addition to being uncomfortable, can also disrupt a child’s sleep and ability to function; a child needs to be rested and pain-free prior to getting ready for school.
  • When children start going to kindergarten, they notice how their peers look and behave, and their peers also observe them. A healthy smile develops self-confidence.

  • Children need healthy and strong teeth to eat foods. Regular dental visits help your child get strong teeth to chew with.

Our dentists will help educate your children on the importance of taking care of their teeth by brushing daily, limiting unhealthy snacks, eating healthy and helping them understand the benefits of oral hygiene.


To learn more read our blog about encouraging good oral hygiene in children at a young age.


Choose Us as Your Family Dentist in Red Deer - From Infancy to Adulthood!

We focus in providing dental care services for the entire family. From simple dental exams to comprehensive dental procedures such as tooth extractions, braces, and root canals, we can provide you with complete dental treatments in Red Deer.


Parkland Mall Dental Centre is a great option for Red Deer families looking for a dentist! Because we’re located in the mall, we offer ample parking, making it convenient to visit us. We also offer extended hours, so that your work day and your child’s school schedule won’t need to be disrupted to arrange a dental appointment. And, we directly bill your dental plan so that accessing important dental care for your children is as financially feasible as possible.


To set up an appointment for your child, please call, email or visit our dental office in Red Deer. We are conveniently located right in Parkland Mall, with extended office hours! We voluntarily follow the Alberta Dental Association Fee Guide for all dental procedures. 

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