Root Canals in Red Deer

Have you been experiencing severe toothaches when chewing? Is there constant swelling and tenderness in an isolated part of your gums? If so, these symptoms may be giving you signs that you’re in need of a root canal. At Parkland Mall Dental Centre, conveniently located in Red Deer, our dentists regularly perform root canals on infected and decaying teeth to remove infection, relieve your pain, and generally repair and save the tooth.

What Is a Root Canal?

Within each tooth resides a nerve and blood vessels, commonly called the pulp. When the pulp tissue becomes irreversibly inflamed or infected, it causes pain. This pain usually occurs because of cavities, trauma, or a deep filling. Fortunately, it's possible to save your tooth with root canal treatment.

During a root canal we clean every branch of the pulp to remove infected tissue. After removing all infected tissue, we fill the tooth with a substance that enables your immune system to get rid of infection in the bone surrounding the tooth.

With proper medication and post-procedure care, the vast majority of our patients experience little or no pain after a root canal. The best time to perform the procedure is when the infection hasn't spread. If you are unsure whether your tooth needs a root canal, call us today.

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Our extended office hours permit us to provide urgent root canal services to all residents of Red Deer and surrounding areas. If you require an emergency consultation, or would simply like to learn more about our root canal service, contact Parkland Mall Dental Centre today!

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