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Choose a custom athletic Mouth Guard to Protect Your Teeth in Red Deer

Participating in athletic events can present a risk for possible injury to your mouth and teeth, especially in high contact sports such as football, hockey or rugby. At Parkland Mall Dental Centre, we’re proud to offer and create custom athletic mouth guards for our patients to ensure they can avoid life-altering dental injuries and continue to maintain their teeth for a life time. 

The Benefits Of Getting A Mouth Guard

Most athletes, regardless of age and gender, are likely to benefit from wearing an athletic mouth guard. Each situation is different and it is important to speak with your dentist if you are experiencing any concerns or have any questions about whether a mouth guard is the best option for you.

The use of mouth guards can prevent oral injuries such as:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Fractured crowns or bridgework
  • Lip and cheek injuries
  • Fractured jaws
  • Root damage to the teeth
  • Concussions

It is advisable to use mouth gear for sporting events that may result in injury. Examples include:

  • Acrobatics
  • Martial Arts
  • Skiing
  • Boxing
  • Gymnastics
  • Water Polo
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Squash
  • Surfing
  • Wrestling
  • Weight Lifting
  • Soccer
  • Skateboarding
  • Field Hockey
  • Handball
  • Rugby
  • Discus throwing

The Process - What To Expect

Parkland Mall Dental Centre can make it quick and easy to get your new athletic mouth guard in Red Deer. We will need to make impressions of your teeth as well as a bite impression to ensure the best possible fit. Once the impressions are completed, all you have to do is wait for your mouth guard to be ready for pick up.

The Different Types of Mouth Guards Available 

Although at Parkland Mall Dental we create customized mouth guards, there are other options available on the market. It should be noted that not all mouth guards are created equal, and for best results, your mouth guard should be crafted by a trained professional.

  1. Stock mouth guards are pre-formed and ready to wear products. They are inexpensive and are available at most sports stores. They are bulky, tend to make breathing difficult and provide sub-optimal protection to your teeth and mouth.
  2. Boil-And-Bites can be purchased from many sporting goods stores and can result in a better fit than stock guards. They are made from a thermoplastic material which is placed in hot water to soften. It is then placed in the mouth and shaped around the teeth. Adapting and fitting this material in the mouth can be tricky. A poor fitting guard will be ineffective. Also, the material can change shape over time, thus compromising proper fit and comfort.
  3. Custom-Made by Dentists. These protectors are individually designed and made in a laboratory. Your dentist makes an impression of your teeth and the mouth guard is then moulded using special material. The type of material can be customized to the type of activities you engage in (kick-boxing vs hockey, for example). These may be costlier than the other types but provide the most comfort, longevity and protection.

Aspects to Consider While Choosing Your Mouth Guard

Pick the Right Type of Mouth Guard

While generic mouth guards are easily accessible, many people choose custom-made devices, explicitly designed for the perfect fit. When assessing your options for a mouth guard, consider that an injury to your mouth can result in lost or damaged teeth, concussions, and other serious injuries. Treating such injuries is not only costly, they can often result in life-long negative consequences. Although more expensive, consider investing in a custom-made guard as it offers the best protection and fit the following aspects. 

Ensure It Is Compliant with Safety Regulations

If you choose to risk going with a store-bought guard, you must make sure that the product you buy is of high-quality and meets safety regulations.

  • The components are safe for use and do not harm oral soft tissues.
  • The product is free of sharp or jagged edges.
  • The product has passed tests for hardness and ability to resist tearing.

Look for a Mouth Guard Suiting the Sport You Play

In addition to finding the right colour or pattern, it is important to get one that suits your requirement. For instance, if you are a boxer, you might need a higher degree of defence than a field hockey player. If you wear a helmet, you want a strapped or convertible mouth guard.

How to Care for Your New Athletic Mouth Guard

Mouth guards are a smart investment; they provide insurance against injuries which could cost you more in the long run. Use them when you take part in activities that may pose injury risks to your mouth. 

Here are the steps to take proper care of your new mouth guard:

  • After use, rinse your mouth guard with cold water and air-dry. You can clean it with mild soap and water occasionally.
  • Store it in a plastic container when not in use to prevent damage from heat or cold.
  • Do not chew or alter your mouth guard.
  • Inform your dentist if you notice any signs of wear or cracks that may weaken it.

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