Your Family Dentist in Red Deer Explains How Dentists, Orthodontists, and Oral Surgeons Differ

You might require a broad variety of dental treatments during the course of your lifetime. From fillings to braces, implants, extraction, and more, you could undergo many types of treatments at various stages of your life. 

The type of dentist who performs a procedure will depend on the nature and complexity of the work itself. General dentists provide several kinds of treatments, while orthodontists and oral surgeons implement other services.

Parkland Mall Dental Centre is happy to offer a team of knowledgeable Red Deer dentists. Our staff members are equipped to provide a broad assortment of procedures. If you need work that is beyond the scope of general dentistry, we may refer you to an appropriate professional. 

Exploring 3 Types of Oral Health Care Providers

When you need dental work done, who do you call? Feel free to contact us. We can determine whether your condition requires general dentistry or a different kind of oral treatment.

These are the main duties performed by general dentists and two kinds of dental specialists:

• Dentist: A general dentist might provide more services than you expect. Such an individual will have earned a degree in dental school. This type of doctor is qualified to diagnose and treat general oral health care issues, including fillings, root canals, veneers, crowns, and bridges. A dentist can also offer teeth whitening and gum care, as well as preventative care and education. Your family dentist may work with a specialist to support the ongoing treatment associated with dental implants.
• Orthodontist: Once the individual has graduated from dental school, that person will need to spend at least another two years training to become an orthodontist. This type of oral health care professional works to correct “bad bites,” such as overbites and underbites. Orthodontic work prevents or treats further complications that result from irregular bites, including crooked teeth.
• Oral Surgeon: This specialty provider is also called an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. After completing dental school, an oral surgeon will undergo another four to eight years of education. Such a person has the training to place implants in the jaw, realign the jaw, implement reconstructive surgery, and extract teeth (including wisdom teeth). This individual may provide soft tissue repair, such as to correct a cleft lip. Another task that an oral surgeon might provide is to remove tumours from the oral cavity.

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Whether you need general dentistry or specialty work, the first step you should consider taking is to consult Parkland Mall Dental Centre. Even if you require the services of an oral health care specialist, your family dentist in Red Deer may need to provide treatment that supports such procedures.

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