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Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Not as Scary as You Think

The dental world appears to be full of scary terminology, especially for those who have had an unpleasant experience causing them to have dental anxiety in general. While most of us have had some form of dental treatment in addition to regular cleanings, the thought of a tooth extraction usually causes some anxiety or even fear.

In reality, wisdom teeth extractions are extremely common and relatively easy to perform with modern day technology and advanced treatment options. In fact, if you were to ask family and friends who have gone through the procedure in recent times, you will rarely find someone sharing a negative experience. For most individuals, wisdom teeth removals are just a rite of passage into adulthood.

Why are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth removed, but most patients will have at least one or two (or all) in their lifetime extracted. Wisdom teeth are your mouth’s third and final set of molars which usually erupt in your late teens or early twenties. While they can be an asset as long as they are properly aligned, they can also become a hassle and cause pain in your mouth. If your teeth are misaligned or positioned horizontally, they will need to be surgically extracted.

These teeth can also become impacted, which means they are enclosed inside the soft tissue of the gums or within the jawbone. Impaction, especially with partial eruption, leads to infection and can put you at high risk for gum disease and tooth decay.

How Your Red Deer Dentist will Remove Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth extractions have become a standard procedure. A dentist or oral surgeon will be able to extract the teeth and your family dentist in Red Deer can give you an idea of what to expect if yours need to be removed. Typically, the tooth is easily extracted when it is fully erupted. Partial eruptions or impactions will require the tooth to be removed in smaller portions.

After your teeth are removed, there are a few things you can expect to encounter in the first 24 hours, but after a day post-op, you should feel much better. A few symptoms you could experience include:

  • Bleeding – Bleeding is common after wisdom teeth removal and it typically only lasts for a few hours post-surgery. Your dentist will control the bleeding by placing a piece of clean, moistened gauze in your mouth to capture drainage.
  • Swelling – The area where your tooth was extracted may swell, but you can reduce such swelling by placing a cold compress on the exterior of your jaw for 10 minutes and then take a 20-minute break before repeating.
  • Pain – The pain with wisdom teeth extraction is relatively minor and most patients are fine with over-the-counter pain relieving medication. In some cases, you may be given a more potent painkiller.
  • Antibiotics – These may be prescribed prior to or after the extraction depending on individual circumstance.

If your wisdom teeth have erupted or you suspect impaction, visit your family dentist in Red Deer right away. The sooner you have your teeth removed, the easier the surgery will be and the faster your recovery will progress as well. Parkland Mall Dental Centre is currently accepting new dental patients. Let our team of qualified dentists help you find the right solution for your wisdom teeth extraction.

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