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Which Snacks are Healthy for My Child’s Teeth?

Snack time is a common occurrence in just about every household, especially after school. However, before you let your child grab just anything from the fridge or pantry, you may want to consider how nutrition and the food that they eat impact their oral health.

Proper nutrition, including a well-balanced diet, will not only help your child’s body, but their smile too.

How Does Diet Affect Teeth?

You are what you eat – and that is true with your oral health. Poor diet choices can cause gum disease and lead to tooth decay. Foods that are high in carbohydrates contribute to decay and can create plaque acids that cause tooth enamel to erode. Also, foods high in sugar can contribute to decay, including foods that are healthy, but contain natural sugars.

What Snacks Are Safe to Eat?

Sugary snacks are not good for your body or your teeth. That includes candies, cakes, cookies and other sugar-containing foods. There are foods you can give your child to eat that are not high in sugar and will help them maintain a balanced diet in the process. These include:

  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables – Raw vegetables, such as broccoli, celery, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes are all great for oral health. Consider melting a little bit of cheese over vegetables that are steamed in the microwave to add taste and fun! Fruits, such as tangerines, pears, pineapple, melons and even citrus fruits are good, as long as your child rinses out their mouth to remove sugars and acids that naturally occur inside them.
  • Grains – A healthy diet also includes whole grains, such as those found in whole wheat bread, bagels and unsweetened cereals.
  • Milk and Dairy Products – Low or non-fat dairy options like milk, yogurt, cheese and cottage cheese.
  • Meats – Non breaded/non fried chicken strips, turkey chunks or even pieces of sliced meats are great for snacking.
  • Nuts and Seeds – Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are high in Omega-3s as well as nuts.

To make sure your child’s healthy snacking is paying off, make sure they have their teeth checked regularly by your family dentist in Red Deer. Parkland Mall Dental Centre is currently accepting new patients and we love to help children start a lifetime of great oral health.

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