Tooth pain vs sinus pain treatment at our red deer dental clinic

What’s The Difference between Tooth Pain and a Sinus Infection?

You have a fever, headache, stuffy nose, cough… and now you have a cavity on top of it all? It may not be what you think! Many sinus infections are accompanied by tooth pain and jaw tenderness that can easily be mistaken for a dental problem. If you have confusion or concerns, visit your family dentist in Red Deer. Use the tips outlined below to help determine the difference between a local tooth issue and symptoms associated with a broader sinus infection.

How to Tell Whether You Have Tooth Pain or a Sinus Infection

Make a dental appointment and use the criteria below to help narrow down the reason you have an uncomfortable tooth or jaw:

  • Other Symptoms: Sinus infections are often accompanied by a host of other symptoms. Recurring allergies, runny nose, fever, headache, cough, phlegm, and fatigue are typically present as your body tries to fight off the infection. A tooth problem is more typically limited to pain in and around a tooth or a certain portion of the jaw although in more severe infections, it too can cause a fever and fatigue.
  • Understand the Cause: Your sinuses are located very close to your tooth nerves and the roots of your upper molars and some premolars. When sinuses become irritated, swollen or infected, they can grow and exert pressure on these roots, leading to discomfort or even impacting the location and orientation of your teeth. 
  • Pain Type: Typically, tooth pain that is caused by an infection or an abscessed tooth will reveal itself in a constant, progressive sensation of discomfort. This pain is usually centralized and felt in a specific tooth. Sinus infection pain is a less intense and less localized feeling that is usually described as more of an ‘aching’ feeling than a sharp or severe pain. It may also be felt over a wider area, impacting an entire section of the jaw instead of a single tooth. 
  • Lower Jaw: Just because your discomfort is experienced in the lower jaw, it does not necessarily rule out the possibility of a sinus infection being the cause. Sometimes, referred pain leads to a feeling of discomfort in the bottom teeth. In addition, the swelling may tend to adjust the location of your upper teeth or jaw, leading to a misaligned bite that can cause soreness in both top and bottom rows of teeth.

Fast Treatment for Tooth Pain in Red Deer

Parkland Mall Dental Centre can provide care for your dental emergency and help you determine if your specific case and pain is the result of a sinus infection or tooth decay. The tips above are meant to not be used as a means to diagnose. Come and see our friendly team for trusted dentists in Red Deer. We welcome new dental patients and are happy to provide services for patients of all ages


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