What to do if You are Pregnant and Face a Dental Emergency

A dental emergency at any time can seem alarming, but it may be especially distressful if you are pregnant. You cannot ignore the problem, but you also need to take certain precautions as a pregnant woman. Should a dental emergency arise while you are expecting, do not hesitate to consult one of the knowledgeable dentists at Parkland Mall Dental Centre.

We want you to stay safe and guard the health of your baby. We also want you to preserve your dental health for the duration of your pregnancy. If you have questions regarding dental care and pregnancy, be sure to consult both your dentist and your obstetrician. 

How to Handle a Dental Emergency While Pregnant
Your obstetrician may recommend that you defer non-emergency types of dental work until you are no longer pregnant. Limiting certain kinds of treatment is certainly a wise strategy for expectant mothers. However, a dental emergency must be treated to prevent further problems.

If you are pregnant, consider the following points:

1. Avoid X-rays: As an extra safety measure, you should avoid from getting routine X-rays during pregnancy. However, you may need to have them taken in a dental emergency situation. If this is the case, do not panic or worry. Your dentist will take as few X-rays as possible so that your emergency can be treated and risk of complications are managed.
2. Necessary Medication: Do not ignore a toothache because you are pregnant. You may need to get a filling or other important procedure. Being in pain or in poor oral health is not good for you or the baby. Your dentist may need to use a small amount of local anesthesia to perform treatment in an emergency, and this should not put you or your baby at risk. It is better to take necessary medication than to ignore an urgent dental issue, particularly since it could be an infection.
3. Gum Sensitivity: If your teeth and gums become sensitive when you are expecting, you should consider this an urgent matter that needs to be addressed. Some women develop pregnancy gingivitis, and this condition must be treated by your dentist. In some cases, simple dental cleaning may help to reduce the threat or impact of this condition. Preventative treatment may also decrease the chances of a dental emergency during pregnancy.

Getting Emergency Dental Treatment When Pregnant
At Parkland Mall Dental Centre, we hope you will not experience a dental emergency when you are expecting. If you do, however, you can be confident that our team will do everything possible to keep you and your baby safe.

If you have a dental emergency in Red Deer, call us at 403-342-1118. To get help for a non-emergency issue, feel free to use our online contact form. New dental patients are also welcome to contact us.