Warning Signs that You May Have a Dental Problem

Good oral health can be achieved via proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits. If you believe you have a dental problem, you should schedule a visit with your dentist as soon as possible. At Parkland Mall Dental Centre, we take potential oral health conditions very seriously. 

You should also be aware that certain symptoms and issues may indicate an underlying problem. By learning to identify these warning signs, you can catch them earlier and get suitable treatment.

Signs and Symptoms of Dental Health Problems 

Never ignore the signs of a possible oral health problem. Here are some of the common issues to watch for and address:

• Lost Teeth: Losing teeth is a good sign that you may have a serious oral health problem. Gum disease leads to bone loss, and that can ultimately cause loss of teeth. If your dentist informs you that you need to have a tooth removed due to gum disease, this is a sign that further care is needed as matter of some emergency.
• Shifting Teeth: When you experience bone loss in the mouth, the supporting bone literally begins to deteriorate. This can lead to teeth that shift from their original position.
• Bleeding Gums: Bleeding gums are another indicator of gum disease. If your gums bleed when you brush, floss, or at any other time, book an appointment at Parkland Mall Dental Centre.
• Sensitive Teeth and Gums: Another sign to pay attention to is sensitivity. If hot or cold food and beverages suddenly begin to cause tooth or gum pain, you could have a cavity or an abscessed tooth. You should also call the dentist if you cannot chew comfortably.
• Sores, Colored Patches, Growths, and Discoloration: All of these symptoms sometimes indicate that you have oral cancer. If you see red or white patches anywhere inside your mouth, schedule an oral cancer screening with your dentist. If the tissue in your mouth changes colour or develops sores, oral cancer screening is advisable.
• Bad Breath: If you consistently have bad breath, this could mean that you have an infection in your mouth. Talk to your dentist about the problem as soon as you can.

Voicing Your Concerns with Your Dentist
Parkland Mall Dental Centre has a team of highly skilled Red Deer dentists. You are always encouraged to address your dental concerns with our staff members. Even if a symptom seems minor, it could be a warning sign of a major oral health problem. If the conditions in your mouth have changed, do not wait until your next teeth cleaning appointment. Book an exam so that we can catch problems sooner rather than later.

Call Parkland Mall Dental Centre at 403-342-1118 if you have noticed any changes in your teeth, gums, or mouth. Also, please feel free to fill out our online contact form. We welcome new dental patients.