Top 5 Most Common Dental Procedures

Since you were little, you have often heard about the importance of good dental hygiene. The daily regimen includes brushing after meals and sugary snacks, and flossing. There is also a myriad of over the counter products to aid in keeping your teeth clean and fresh. Manufacturers have ensured we can clean our teeth with seventy different kinds of toothpastes, dozens of types of mouthwashes, and bubble gum flavoured floss. Did we mention that you can whiten your teeth at home? With all of these products available, why do we need to go to the dentist?

5 Reasons You Need a Family Dentist – and Not Another Flavoured Toothpaste
Even with the best dental habits, we all need help from time to time. Your Parkland Mall Dental team in Red Deer picks up where the products stop. Even if you are a new patient, visit our dentist for these common dental procedures:

• Fillings – Probably the most common on the list, having cavities filled are necessary when a tooth has started decaying. Often, deteriorating enamel allows the decay. Your dentist will remove the tooth decay and fill in the hole with appropriate materials before it becomes too deep and requires a root canal.
• Crowns or Caps – This procedure is used to cover an existing tooth that has substantially decayed, is chipped or broken, or after a root canal. Materials vary from metal, porcelain, or a combination of both.
• Root Canals – When a tooth is infected, a root canal may be in order to save the tooth. The dead pulp is removed. The remaining space is cleaned and refilled with a permanent filling.
• Extractions – When a tooth cannot be saved, it may be time to remove it from your mouth. This is generally left as a last resort because your dentist wants to help you keep as many of your original teeth as possible.
• Bridges and Implants – If a tooth must be extracted, then it might be recommended to replace the missing tooth with a dental bridge. A bridge is a false tooth held together by two crowns attached to the neighbouring teeth. An implant is a procedure to replace the missing tooth with a false one connected by a metal post in the socket.

Entrust Your Tooth Health to Your Family Dentist in Red Deer
All of the products available stores will not save your tooth if decay sits in. Visit the dentists at the Parkland Mall Dental Centre for a full array of services including fillings, crowns, root canals, extractions, and bridges. For over 25 years, we have served the Red Deer area with their dental health needs. No matter if you have a toothache or need a general check-up and cleaning, you will find what you are looking for here. We even direct bill your insurance, making things easy.

Get the general dentistry help you require and contact us today. To schedule an appointment at Parkland Mall Dental Centre, call 403-342-1118 or use our online contact form. We welcome new dental patients.