The Importance of Nutrition in Oral Care for Kids

Nutrition can considerably affect your child’s overall health. If your little one consumes healthy foods, he or she will likely have more energy and benefit from a more effective immune system. Children who eat a proper diet also tend to do better in school./?p=p9684

Another aspect of your child’s health that is affected by nutrition is the teeth. Eating the right foods can lead to a healthier mouth. Conversely, consuming a steady diet of junk food, sugary drinks and sweet treats may result in poor dental health. Schedule an appointment with your family dentist at Parkland Mall Dental Centre. Your dentist can inform you and your child about the best kinds of foods for the teeth. Be sure to book regular dental visits for your child as well. Routine visits are the key to maintaining a healthy mouth. 

Red Deer Dentists Provide Tips on Nutrition and the Teeth
While regular checkups and dental maintenance are vital to oral health, nutrition is very important. Teach your child healthy eating habits at a young age. This will help to keep his or her mouth in good condition for a lifetime. Here are some tips on nutrition for healthy teeth and gums:

• Calcium: Foods with calcium can help to keep the teeth strong. Encourage your child to drink milk and eat foods such as yogurt and cheese. If your child is lactose intolerant, discuss alternative options with his or her pediatrician. Many vegetables are high in calcium content, and your child can eat these in place of or along with dairy products. Such vegetables include spinach, kale, beets, cabbage, and cooked snap beans.
• Protein: Protein also helps to keep the teeth in optimal condition. Make sure your child eats lean protein, such as the kind found in poultry and fish. Beans and nuts also provide a healthy dose of protein, and they are a healthier choice than many other kinds of foods.
• Water: Getting enough water is also crucial. Depending on the age, your child should drink about five to eight glasses per day. Remind your young one to choose water instead of reaching for another kind of beverage.
Limit Sugary Foods: Sugary, processed foods are detrimental to the health. Limit the amount of processed sugar your child consumes. Encourage her or him to eat fresh or dried fruit instead of cookies, candy, and ice cream.

Your child must see a dentist regularly in order to ensure oral health. In addition to scheduling periodic dental visits, teach your child to eat healthy. By consuming foods that are high in calcium and lean protein, your child could have healthier teeth. Your young one should also substitute sugary drinks for water. Developing good eating habits now can benefit your child for life, with less dental issues to worry about in later years.

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