The Complete Guide to Wisdom Teeth

More often than not, if you hear or read anything to do with wisdom teeth, your mind is filled with words such as ‘extraction’, ‘dreadful’, ‘painful’, and ‘complicated. Brush aside these thoughts about pain, fear and worry. Instead, learn the facts and clear some misconceptions. Here is a complete overview on wisdom teeth by your family dentists in Red Deer.


What are they?
The 3rd set of molars that appear in the back of your mouth, typically when you are 15 – 25 years old. Unlike other teeth that appear when you are a child, wisdom teeth appear only after you have aged or ‘matured’, hence the name.

Why do they exist?
Historically, wisdom teeth were used by our ancestors to chew leaves, roots and meats that were part of their diet. Over the years, diets have transformed and we eat foods that are much gentler on our teeth, rendering the 3rd set of molars quite irrelevant. In fact, in recent years, the emergence of this set is completely absent in a growing number of people.

Why do they often need extraction?
Most of us are born with jaws that can accommodate only 28 teeth. Since wisdom teeth are the last to develop, they often have no space to grow, or their growth impacts the existing teeth, jaw or gum line. Your dentist will recommend an extraction of one or more of your wisdom teeth if:
• The tooth is trapped in your jawbone or gums, or is growing at an odd angle and causing damage to the neighbouring teeth
• The tooth has broken through the gum line but is infected or facing bacterial growth
• The tooth has a cavity and you are unable to brush or floss it properly due to its inaccessible location

• The upper wisdom teeth are causing sinus problems
In most of these situations, the typical symptoms you may experience are mouth pain, bite issues, severe jaw pain, swelling or tenderness of the gums, or facial swelling, also known as ‘chipmunk cheeks’.

What to Expect Pre, During and Post Extraction?

Entrust Your Wisdom Teeth to Your Family Dentist in Red Deer
The general dentists at the Parkland Mall Dental Centre can provide completed dental care, including extractions and emergencies related to wisdom teeth. We can assess your oral condition and also refer you to a certified surgeon, if any complex procedures are required.

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