Teeth Whitening – Is it Worth It?

Over the years, those cups of coffee, glasses of wine, and general wear and tear will tend to yellow your teeth. While you might consider an over-the-counter whitening product, professional teeth whitening is the most effective.

Luckily, your family dentist in Red Deer has more than one option for whitening your teeth too – helping identify the right treatment based on your budget and cosmetic needs.

Compelling Reasons to Visit Your Red Deer Dentists for Teeth Whitening
If the cost or hassles of trying to find the time are holding you back from the professional route, assessing the benefits might motivate you to make that appointment.

• More Effective Whitening: An over-the-counter whitening product does not cover your teeth entirely, which leads to uneven results. Your Red Deer dentist will assess the shape and placement of your teeth to find the right whitening solution. Also, the trays made by your dentist are designed to fit the unique attributes of your teeth.
• Youthful Appearance: You can take years off your age with anti-wrinkle treatments, but did you know that teeth whitening can have the same effect? A brighter, whiter smile minimizes the look of facial wrinkles and gives you an energetic appearance.
• Safer Treatments: A professional teeth whitening procedure will not damage your gums or the sensitive tissues in your mouth like over-the-counter versions can. While you may experience sensitivity, this fades a few days to weeks post-treatment. Also, the amount of whitening agent used in your treatment is carefully measured to ensure that you do not use too much.
• Faster Results: Another benefit of seeing your dental professional for whitening is that you can achieve a brighter, whiter smile faster than over-the-counter treatments.
• Longer Lasting Results: Another surprising benefit of professional teeth whitening is the longevity. When you have your teeth whitened by Red Deer dentists, you have a bright smile that lasts much longer. Naturally, your lifestyle will dictate how long your teeth stay white too.

Schedule a Teeth Whitening Consultation with Your Family Dentist in Red Deer
If you find yourself unhappy with your smile, come in to Parkland Mall Dental Centre. Our team can help you find not only the correct whitening treatment but also a solution that works within your budget.

Parkland Mall Dental Centre offers a variety of cosmetic and preventative dental procedures. We are currently accepting new dental patients, and invite existing patients in for a tooth whitening consult.

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