Spring Sports: Can they Harm Your Child’s Teeth?

Playing sports is an important part of childhood. Athletic activity keeps kids in good physical condition. Organized sports teach children a variety of positive life skills, such as self-discipline and how to play well with others. Spring and summer offer an array of fun possibilities for kids. Some of the most popular options for children include soccer, lacrosse, and tennis.

By all means, you should encourage your young ones to get outside and participate in sports this spring and summer! However, you should also be aware that any sport can potentially wreak havoc with a child’s oral health. In order to prevent dental problems from occurring, consult your family dentist in Red Deer about taking preventative measures. 

Preventing Dental Mishaps When Playing Spring Sports: What Your Red Deer Dentists Can Do for Your Children

Awareness is always the first step in preventing dental issues. By exploring the different spring sports your child might play, you can learn about possible oral mishaps. Once you know what kind of damage could be sustained by your child, you can take action to prevent it. Your Red Deer dentist can help your child to maintain optimal oral health – even when playing spring sports.

Consider the following points when you enroll your child in a spring or summer sports program.

  • Soccer: Countless children love playing soccer, and this sport provides a viable workout from head to toe. Unfortunately, participating in a soccer game could result in serious dental injuries, including tooth fractures. According to a survey made available by the U.S. Library of Medicine, 20 percent of injuries sustained by professional Norwegian soccer players were dental injuries. Your child’s teeth could be harmed by a soccer ball, another child’s limb, or from falling on the ground. 
  • Lacrosse: Lacrosse offers plenty of opportunities for injuries to the mouth. In addition to sustaining dental damage from a ball or lacrosse stick, your child’s teeth could be vulnerable to errant elbows and knees, as well as meeting the ground. By wearing proper protection, your child can still play lacrosse without enduring preventable damage to the teeth. 
  • Tennis: Tennis is another popular springtime sport. Practising tennis involves hand-eye coordination and good sportsmanship, offering a variety of benefits to your child. The dental dangers of playing tennis include injuries sustained from a tennis ball, a racket, or another player’s elbow.

How Your Family Dentist in Red Deer Can Help Your Child Stay in the Game

It is not always possible to prevent sports injuries in children. Even a solo sport, such as cycling, running, or rollerblading, can cause an injury. Encourage your kid to wear protective equipment, such as a helmet and an athletic mouth guard. Before your young one engages in his or her favorite springtime sport, schedule an appointment with your family dentist in Red Deer. New dental patients are also welcome at Parkland Mall Dental Centre.

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