Should I Allow My Child to Use Mouthwash?

Starting your child’s dedication to and understanding of their oral hygiene routine is important from a young age. The faster they start a morning and nightly routine, as well as get used to visiting the dentist for routine checkups and teeth cleaning, the better their teeth and gums will develop.

However, with so many oral hygiene products available on the market, it can be hard to know where to draw the line.

If your child has spotted you rinsing with mouthwash and is intent to give it a try, or you think it would be a good addition to their teeth cleaning habits, read below. You can also contact your Red Deer family dentist at Parkland Mall Dental Centre. We are currently accepting new dental patients and can provide advice for all your tooth-related questions. From at-home care to mouth injuries and teeth whitening, we can help.

Kids and Mouthwash: A Helpful Guide

Here are few considerations to make before encouraging your children to use this popular breath-freshener and bacteria killer on a daily basis:

  • Not Under Six – If your child is under six years old, there is a good chance they will not have the complete understanding or control to avoid swallowing some (or all) of the substance. While mouthwash can promote oral health when swished around in the mouth, it should never be ingested. Your children’s teeth are also still forming when they are under six, and swallowing fluoride can cause fluorosis. This cosmetic issue can make your child’s teeth appear spotty and bumpy.
  • Not too often – generally speaking, once or, at most, twice a day is optimal. If used to often, mouthwashes can kill useful bacteria that are resident in our mouths.
  • Supervision – Making mouthwash a fun, timed game when children reach seven or eight years old can help them understand the proper way to rinse their mouth. Don’t just place a bottle in their bathroom and assume they know how to use it! Monitor their use for the first little while as they get used to the ‘swish and spit’ routine. Ask your Red Deer dentist if you need help explaining the proper technique to your children. Use a children’s mouthwash that is gentler and does not contain alcohol.
  • Braces – Kids with braces may benefit from daily mouthwash use, as it can help loosen food particles and eliminate bacteria that gets stuck in wires and brackets. Choose a mouthwash that contains fluoride to help prevent cavities. If your child has braces, consider mouthwash to keep their mouth, breath and braces fresh.
  • Ask Your Family Dentist in Red Deer – The team at Parkland Mall Dental Centre can help determine if mouthwash would be a good addition to your child’s oral hygiene routine. Each kid’s teeth and gums are different, so checking with a dental professional is the best way to determine the right path, products and procedures for your child.

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