Reasons You Might Have Sensitive Gums

If you have noticed that your gums are sore, you might take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Many people suffer from this dental issue. Sore gums may result from a variety of factors, from aggressive brushing to canker sores to gum disease. 

At Parkland Mall Dental Centre, one of our top goals is to help you keep your mouth healthy. We can assist you in preventing gum disease and other factors that might lead to gum sensitivity. We can also aid in combating dental pain and soreness with customized treatment options including sensitivity treatments. Remember to schedule regular dental visits with our Red Deer dentists. By doing so, you might also avoid many of the conditions that cause soreness and oral sensitivity.

Top Red Deer Dentists Offer Insights on Gum Sensitivity
The good news is that you do not need to suffer without recourse. You can take several steps to reduce the degree of soreness in your gums. By taking these preventative measures, you may find that your problem disappears altogether. Be sure to make routine cleanings and other maintenance visits a top priority. The following brief guide might also help you to explore the causes and treatments of sore gums:

• Vigorous Brushing: Although brushing your teeth aggressively might feel like the right thing to do, it can actually damage your gum tissue. Instead, brush in a gentle, circular motion. Brush near the gum line, but avoid vigorous brushing in that area.
• Aggressive Flossing: Flossing incorrectly can also lead to sore gums. Be sure that you are flossing in an up-and-down motion between your teeth, and always be gentle.
• Fluctuating Hormones: If you are pregnant, experiencing menopause or puberty, menstruating, or taking birth control pills, you could also experience sore gums. Fluctuating hormones can lead to dry mouth and even bone loss, and your gums might suffer as a result.
• Ill-Fitted Dentures: Dentures that do not fit correctly can cause gum pain. You could develop sores on your gums if you do not get your dentures adjusted to fit properly.
• Canker Sores: Canker sores are ulcers in the mouth. If you have a canker sore, your gums can rub against it and cause pain. To reduce soreness in this case, avoid chewing gum and eating spicy foods. Also, brush and floss your teeth very gently.
• Oral Cancer: People who have a history of chewing or smoking tobacco may be more susceptible to oral cancer. However, you can also manifest this kind of cancer if you have never used tobacco. You may schedule oral cancer screenings at Parkland Mall Dental Centre.
• Gum Disease: Gum disease is one of the leading causes of gum and tooth sensitivity. Unfortunately, this serious health condition is quite common. In fact, 70 percent of Canadians will develop gum disease at some point. Talk to your dentist about how to prevent or treat this condition.

Scheduling regular dental visits is one of the best ways to prevent and manage dental problems. Our team welcomes all of the members of your family to come in for an appointment soon. Feel free to discuss any of your concerns, from cosmetic issues to extractions to gum sensitivity.

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