Protect that Grin! Invest in a Mouth Guard for Your Active Child

Families in Red Deer are blessed with an abundance of world-class sporting venues and training facilities. Sports runs in their blood and a large majority of Red Deer kids choose an athletic lifestyle from an early age. The city offers minor league opportunities for hockey, soccer, basketball, softball, football, lacrosse, and more. Many local kids also pursue non-contact sports such as gymnastics or skiing, or recreational ones such as biking, skating, trampolining, watersports and others.

As parents, you invest a significant amount of time, money and emotions in your child’s athletic journey. Usually, the entire family’s routine revolves around the game; from tryouts and selection, to the ups-and-downs of the actual sport. While you root and cheer and celebrate every victory, big or small, your top concern is always your little champ’s physical safety. You know from experience that children are at risk for injuries, not just from high-contact sports, but also from the less intense ones. While every sport requires some standard safety equipment, why not reduce the risk of orofacial injuries by investing in a mouth guard? Your family dentists in Red Deer offer some insights to help you guard your tiny athlete’s precious grin.

Benefits of Athletic Mouth Guards
A mouth guard protects your child from various minor to severe injuries such as:
• Chipped tooth, fractured crown, partial or root damage, or complete loss of tooth
• Fractured jaw or chin, extending to concussion or neck injury
• Cuts and bruises on lips, cheeks, tongue or damage to soft oral tissues

To reduce these risks, it is important that the athletic mouth guard becomes a norm, and your child treats it in the same way as the sports uniform or other safety gear. Let your little one learn how to use an athletic mouth guard from an early age. Inculcate this habit by investing in one, as soon as your child begins regular participation in a sport.

Choosing the Right Mouth Guards
With advancements in dental technology, your active child can focus on each practice and game without feeling uncomfortable or awkward about the mouth guard. You have options that are available over-the counter, or you can get custom-fitted ones from your Red Deer dentist.
• Stock or Boil and Bite Mouth Guards: A stock mouth guard comes in standard sizes such as small, medium and large. This may be bulky and ill-fitting depending on the size of your child’s mouth. The boil and bite variety has to be softened in water before being inserted into the mouth and pressed down with teeth and tongue for fitting. Both types of guards are available at most sports or athletic goods stores. While they are inexpensive, these mouth guards do not offer complete protection.
• Custom Mouth Guards: Your local Red Deer dentists can assess your child’s mouth, take an impression of the teeth, and order a custom-fitted mouth guard that is secure and durable. While it costs more, it offers the best protection from mouth-related injuries. Dentists modify the design to suit the specific sport being played, so that it does not interfere with speaking or breathing. They also consider your child’s oral health, braces if any, and allergies, before finalizing the material from which the mouth guard is made.

Athletic Mouth Guards from Your Family Dentist in Red Deer
If your child plays or is about to start playing a competitive or recreational sport, visit your family dentist at Parkland Mall Dental Centre. Our experienced team would love to meet and chat with you about proper sports guards for active kids.

Invest in a sports mouth guard for your little one’s safety and enjoy the sport without worrying about mouth injuries. At Parkland Mall Dental Centre, we can provide customized, athletic guards in no time. Just bring your child in once for the teeth impressions, and subsequently when the device is ready for pickup.

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