Oral Surgery: Common Concerns and Easy Preparations

Surgery can cause nerves and anxiety in even the toughest dental patients. Luckily, most oral surgeries are straightforward procedures that will cause more relief than pain! Whether your surgery has been scheduled or tooth pain has left you feeling nervous, the following tips can help you understand oral surgery, from causes to recovery.


Common Conditions that Require Oral Surgery

It may not seem ‘everyday’ for you or your mouth, but Red Deer dentists encounter these conditions on a regular basis. Here are some common reasons patients require oral surgery:

  • Remove diseased teeth
  • Extract impacted teeth
  • Implant placement
  • Facial injury repairs
  • Inspect pathologic conditions (cancer or infections)
  • Relieve facial pain disorders
  • Corrective jaw surgery
  • Alleviate breathing problems or obstructive sleep apnea

Tips to Prepare for Oral Surgery

If you know you need surgery and are preparing for your date with the dentist, consider the following tips to make your procedure go as smoothly as possible:

  • Get the Particulars – Many surgeries require patients to fast the night before or for 12 hours prior to surgery. Speak with your Red Deer family dentist to get all the details and finalize the requirements for your particular procedure during the week before.
  • Get Ready at Home – Depending on the degree and type of surgery you are having performed, most people won’t want to go home and do a lot of cooking, cleaning or chores. Set up your home so that you can return from surgery and relax. A few movies to watch, books to read and a comfortable place to rest are all advised to make your recovery more comfortable, and even enjoyable.
  • Grocery Shop – Certain foods are easier to eat with a sore jaw or tender tooth. Stock your house with soft foods, like soups, fruit sauces and yogurts, so that the first few days of recovery are less painful. You will also want to let foods reach room temperature before eating them to reduce sensitivity. Talk to your dentist for other tips and ensure your post-surgery diet is conducive to healing faster.
  • Enlist a Friend or Family Member – Many oral surgeries require anesthesia that can mean you won’t be able to drive home from your appointment. Make sure a friend or family member is available when you schedule your surgery so that they can help get you home and help you get better before you are back to your regular self

Find an Oral Surgeon in Red Deer

Whether you are experiencing the early signs or symptoms of one of the conditions listed above or have been notified that you need oral surgery, don’t fret. The dental professionals at Parkland Mall Dental Centre can provide dental care for the entire family and refer you to an oral surgeon. Contact us to get answers to your questions or visit us if you are in need of a dentist. We are accepting new dental patients in Red Deer and would be happy to care for your mouth.

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