Dentist in Red Deer answering questions from a concerned patient healing from an oral procedures.

Oral Surgery Care and Recovery –Tips from Your Dentist in Red Deer

If you recently underwent an oral surgery, you can count on your family dentists from Parkland Mall Dental Centre to provide you with advice and tips to continue caring for your oral health.

Taking care of your mouth should be your number one priority following any oral procedure, regardless of how minor or serious your condition is. After all, understanding how to properly care for your body after surgery can help you steer clear of any complications and encourage a faster healing process.

At Parkland Mall Dental Centre, you’ll find yourself in good hands with our team of Red Deer dentists. Whether you’ve had surgery outside of our clinic or a tooth extraction in our offices, our team is here to provide you with dental care so you can get back to feeling like yourself again.



  • Follow Instructions: If you have been provided instructions on aftercare, make sure to pay close attention to the advice of these experts. The best way to stop bleeding is to apply pressure by biting on gauze properly positioned over the extraction site(s). If the bleeding isn’t slowing down after an hour or so, take a tea bag, wrap it in a gauze, lightly wet it in warm water, and bite on it; the tannic acid in the tea can promote clotting. GENTLY rinsing with warm salt water several times a day can also help. Depending on the type of procedure you have had, your dentist may recommend different remedies specific to your case, so it’s particularly important to make note of their specific instructions. 
  • Allow Yourself to Rest: When it comes to aftercare, taking it easy is the name of the game. Depending on the extent of the surgery, it may be wise to plan on spending the following day or two after your procedure, resting at home. However, if you are lying down, make sure to prop your head up using a pillow. This will help to reduce swelling and prevent excessive bleeding. 
  • Pay Attention to Your Diet: Healing often starts from within. That means the length of your recovery can often depend on what you choose to put into your body. Drink plenty of water, but avoid drinking from straws. The sucking motion can disturb the surgical site and dislodge blood clots. Also, include soft, nutritious foods into your diet that contain high amounts of vitamins A and C.  


  • Vigorously Exercise: It is usually recommended that you rest for good reason. Exercising or performing any strenuous activity may lead to excessive bleeding and increased fatigue. Wait at least 2-3 days before you resume any kind of exercise routine. 
  • Smoke or Consume Alcohol: While it’s best to avoid altogether, try to refrain from tobacco and alcohol use for at least the first twenty four to seventy two hours and up to two weeks following your surgery. These substances delay healing by making it more difficult for blood to clot, leaving you vulnerable to higher risks of infection. 
  • Excessively Brush and Floss Surgical Area: After an oral surgery, it might be tempting to immediately reach for your dental products in an attempt to keep your mouth clean. While gentle brushing is acceptable and highly recommended, over-brushing on or around the surgical site can disturb your wound and expose your body to aggressive bacteria.

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