Oral Cancer: What You Should Know

Cancer is a topic that frightens many people, but the earlier this condition can be detected, the better the outlook is for treatment and recovery. People often forget about their mouths when they think of this disease. Several thousand individuals are diagnosed with oral cancer yearly, so it is not something to take lightly. 

At Parkland Mall Dental Centre, we want to ensure that every member of your family achieves the best oral health possible. Be sure that you schedule regular appointments with our Red Deer dentists, so you may be screened for oral cancer and other significant issues.

Identifying and Treating Oral Cancer 

First, you should be aware of the common indications that you may have this condition. If you notice any of these signs, do not wait; book an appointment with your family dentist.

Consider the following signs that you may be facing this health issue:

• Sores and Pain: Many people develop canker sores and other similar problems, so do not panic if you do, as well. However, if a sore in your mouth is not healing over time, this could indicate cancer. Also, persistent pain in your jaw, teeth, or anywhere in your mouth can be a sign of a serious issue, such as cancer.
• Lumps and Patches: Anytime you experience a lump in your mouth, see your dentist quickly. Also, book an exam if you notice a lump in your neck. Another clue that you may require an exam is the development of speckled, white, or red patches on your tongue, gums, tonsils, or mouth lining.
• Numbness and Swelling: Your tongue and other parts of your mouth should not be numb, so pay attention if this happens. Swollen tissue without a cause, such as a specific injury, could also be a sign of a problem.
• Sore Throat and Voice Issues: If you have a persistent sore throat that does not go away, talk to a dental professional. Also be aware of changes to your voice that manifest suddenly and without an apparent reason.
• Loose Teeth: Whenever you experience loosening of the teeth, you need to visit your local dental centre. This could be a sign of oral cancer, and if it is not cancer, the problem may be gum disease. Like cancer, gingivitis and tooth decay, though not life-threatening, are serious health conditions that must be treated.
• Weight Loss: Unexplained weight loss can be an indication of various cancers. If you suddenly drop weight and sustain any of the other symptoms discussed here, scheduling an appointment at our centre is a wise decision.

See Your Family Dentist in Red Deer Sooner Rather than Later

Countless people wait when they experience certain symptoms because they do not want to appear paranoid or foolish. The professionals at Parkland Mall Dental Centre encourage you to consider any changes to your health seriously. Do not wait until a problem worsens, as this could result in a later-stage diagnosis that is more difficult to treat.

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