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Nitrous Oxide Sedation: How Safe is it and What are the Side Effects?

Numerous people suffer from anxiety at the dentist. It is quite normal for children to fear the unknown, and it may take many dental visits before a child feels comfortable receiving dental treatment.

Children are not the only patients who suffer from fear and anxiety about going to the dentist. Countless adults become tense at the thought of being in a dentist chair. In many cases, this anxiety stems from childhood fear of the dentist that was never resolved. Regardless of its origins, dealing with this sort of apprehension can be embarrassing, and it may also be time-consuming for everyone involved.

One answer that has worked for a great number of patients is sedation dental procedures. At Parkland Mall Dental Centre, we provide this form of dentistry when needed. Nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas,” has provided a welcome solution for many patients. 

The Benefits of Sedation Dental Procedures

If you are questioning whether being sedated during dental treatment is right for you, feel free to explore the matter with your family dentist in Red Deer. The following points outline the primary benefits associated with using laughing gas to quell uneasiness in the dentist chair:

• Complete Relaxation: When you are sedated with nitrous oxide, you should feel entirely at ease.
• Time Efficiency: By choosing to be sedated during treatment, you can save much time. You will not need to spend hours trying to calm yourself before a visit. Since staff members will be able to work more efficiently when you are not consumed by nervousness, this could also reduce the time it takes to treat you.
• Easy to Administer: Nitrous oxide is administered via a breathing mask; an injection is not necessary.
• Safe for All Ages: Another major benefit of sedation dentistry is that it is safe for healthy patients of all ages. 

Understanding the Side Effects of Dental Treatment with Nitrous Oxide

The side effects of this kind of treatment are minimal. You will not feel a “hangover effect” as you might with other types of medications. These are the potential side effects of sedation dentistry with laughing gas:

• During Treatment: While a procedure is being performed, you might feel rather euphoric. Your arms and legs might also tingle. However, these effects generally dissipate quickly after treatment, and most patients are able to drive immediately after their appointments.
• Ineffectiveness in Some Patients: Some patients may not feel the effect of the nitrous oxide. This occurs in a low percentage of cases.
• Nausea: Laughing gas can make some people feel nauseous. It is generally advisable to fast before a dental appointment during which nitrous oxide will be utilized.
If you or your children are afraid of dental visits, talk to us about sedation dental procedures. The team members at Parkland Mall Dental Centre want all of our patients to feel comfortable during treatment. Fortunately, the potential side effects of laughing gas are minimal, so it may be the right option for you.

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