Making Dental Habits a Family Time Event

If you feel as though convincing your kids to practice good oral hygiene is always a struggle, you may need to start thinking about a different approach. Instead of treating their dental health routine like another chore, try making it fun for them. The more that they regard oral health habits as entertaining and exciting, the better able you will be to encourage your children to take care of their teeth. 

The Parkland Mall Dental Centre team is dedicated to the oral health of your entire family. Our Red Deer dentists are trained and equipped to meet the general dentistry needs of everyone in your household, including your youngest family members.

How to Inspire Your Children to Keep a Dental Routine 

You might do several things to make oral health care more exciting for your little ones. Once they begin to view brushing, flossing, and dentist visits as events to look forward to instead of dread, they will be more likely to develop healthy dental habits for life.

Try the following strategies to make proper oral hygiene a family time event:

• Include Music: Children love music, which you can confirm whenever you play a song and watch them immediately begin to move their limbs to the rhythm. Select a few of their favorite tunes, and play them only when your kids are brushing and flossing. Sing along to the music, and encourage your kids to dance around when they are finished with each dental care session. Another option is to invent a song just for them. They may become even more invested if they collaborate with you in creating their special “brushing song.”
• Group Effort: Do not simply set up the equipment and leave your children to use it. Join them by flossing and brushing when they do. By seeing you smiling and doing the same things that they are, your young ones will begin to realize that such activities are normal.
• Rewards: Give your children an added incentive by rewarding them for going to the dentist. Such incentives may include playing with a new toy or watching a favorite TV show. When their checkups yield positive results, you might celebrate by taking them to see a movie or live performance they wish to attend.
• Value of Repetition: When you feel frustrated with your progress, remember that every habit takes time to establish. Stay committed to your goal because after about 30 days of doing the same thing, your kids will be much more likely to continue.

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