Easter Candy

Keeping Your Family's Smiles Healthy Over Easter

With no shortage of chocolate-lined store shelves and with Easter treats making their way into homes all over Red Deer, Easter can be a tricky time of year for the whole family, parents and children alike, to keep their teeth healthy. The Red Deer dentists at Parkland Mall Dental Centre want you to know that you don't have to swear off Easter sweets entirely in order to maintain your oral health, but you should be more mindful about what you eat and how you clean your teeth.

As Easter approaches, it can be a good idea to simply talk to your kids about why they shouldn't try to eat too much chocolate and candy at once. Explain that all of the sugar found in sweets, while delicious for them, also provides a great food source for the plaque bacteria in their mouths. When the bacteria have a lot to eat, many harmful acids are released, which can damage the teeth and gums.

While Easter tends to be more about chocolates, you should still tell your children to especially watch out for how many hard and chewy candies they are eating. Candy hearts and the array of gummy sweets available during Easter can be even more harmful than chocolate because they are tougher to chew and more likely to cause damage. They also take longer to eat and can get stuck between teeth more easily, exposing the teeth and gums to sugar for much longer.

On top of limiting how many sweets you and your kids eat at a time, it is also highly recommended that you brush your teeth shortly after indulging, and that you add flossing to your dental hygiene routine if you haven't already. During times when brushing your teeth isn't practical, following chocolates and candies up with a glass of water can help flush away excess food particles.

One of the best ways to make sure that your teeth and gums stay healthy over Easter is to make sure you're keeping up with your regular dental cleanings. Visiting a Red Deer family dentist, who has experience working with children, on a regular basis, will keep plaque and tartar at bay, reducing the amount of dangerous acid that can attack your teeth and gums. If you don't have a family dentist, then you should look for a clinic accepting new dental patients.

At Parkland Mall Dental Centre we would be more than happy to welcome you to our clinic. Not only are we accepting new dental patients, but our Red Deer dentists and hygienists can also provide you with comprehensive dental cleaning services. With convenient office hours and direct billing to insurance, we make dental care a breeze.

Family Dentist for Your Children in Red Deer

We encourage you to be mindful of the chocolates and sweets you eat on Easter, but remember to have fun and enjoy yourself, as well. If you have any dental health concerns at all, don't hesitate to contact Parkland Mall Dental Centre for the dental care you deserve.