Importance of Regular Dental Check-Ups for Kids

Many children look forward to visits from the Tooth Fairy, but the real champions of your kids’ teeth are their dentist and hygienist. By taking your little ones as early as possible to Parkland Mall Dental Centre, you are a dental hero, as well. Good dental hygiene habits are critical to the longevity of a person’s teeth and gums. Within six months of the appearance of a first tooth, you should book an appointment with your family dentist in Red Deer. If no teeth have manifested by the age of one, you should schedule a first visit anyway.

Why Children Need to Visit the Dentist from an Early Age

Many parents assume that proper care of deciduous teeth (also referred to as primary teeth or baby teeth) does not need to be a top priority. This is a dangerous assumption, and it simply is not true. The sooner your children develop a dental hygiene routine, the better.

Consider the following facts if you have kids:

• Detection of Unhealthy Habits – Your kids may have developed habits that you might not realize can affect their oral health. One example is when children routinely fall asleep holding a bottle of milk or juice in their mouths. This can eventually lead to tooth decay that is entirely preventable. When they are nearing their first birthday, your children’s dentist or hygienist can gently encourage your little ones to drink beverages from a cup instead of a bottle.
• Importance of Baby Teeth – Primary teeth do more than help your kids chew food. They also help to keep adult teeth from migrating in the mouth. If your child must lose a baby tooth due to tooth decay, the adjacent permanent teeth could move slowly into that space. This might result in a need for braces.
• Good Habits for a Lifetime – The sooner your children begin practicing proper oral hygiene, the more likely they may be to adhere to those habits. Dental care is vital at every stage of life, from early childhood to the senior years. When your kids become accustomed at a young age to visiting their dentist and getting routine cleanings, they will have a better chance of maintaining dental health when they are older.
• Positive Reinforcement – You might take a variety of steps to promote oral health at home. Brushing and flossing can be desirable activities when you make them fun. However, you do not need to approach this task alone. Your family dentist and hygienist are here to support your efforts. When your children view dentist visits as another activity to look forward to, some of the pressure is taken off of you as a parent.

Pediatric Dental Services with Your Family Dentist in Red Deer

Early dentist visits are essential for your kids, so do not wait to schedule an appointment for your little ones. Our Red Deer dentists are always delighted to get your boys and girls started on the path to healthy teeth.

Call us at 403-342-1118 to book an exam for your child. You may also wish to use our online contact form. We always welcome new dental patients of all ages!