How to Encourage Your Kids to Floss

Getting kids to develop good habits can certainly be a challenging endeavour. However, proper oral hygiene is vital to their health and longevity, so it is always worth the effort to teach this to your little ones. 

Once your children know how to floss correctly, they must also be motivated to practice the habit on a daily basis. When you bring your kids to Parkland Mall Dental Centre to visit your family dentist in Red Deer, our staff can offer helpful tips to encourage them to floss. You will also need to monitor them at home, in case they forget to keep their teeth clean by flossing.

Kids and Flossing: 4 Ways to Inspire Them 

You may feel as though you have explained the benefits of oral hygiene a thousand times to your little ones, but they still resist your guidance. Do not lose hope! You can do a variety of things to motivate your children to floss regularly.

Follow these top 4 strategies for success:

• Make It a Group Effort: Unless you have a full set of dentures, you need to floss your teeth just as much as your kids do. Why not do it with them? When they see that you are engaging in the same important habit as often as they are, they may take you more seriously. Also, this gives you an extra opportunity each day to spend quality time with your beloved offspring.
• Give Them Some Options: People of all ages appreciate having some control over their daily lives. Allow your boys and girls to select their own flavours. Some kids prefer mint, while others enjoy cinnamon. You may want to explore novelty flavours online to pique their interest, such as bubble-gum, cupcake, and even bacon. They can also select from a broad range of colourful dispensers designed for children.
• Have Fun with It: Demonstrate how entertaining a flossing session can be. Play some of their favourite tunes while they are in front of the mirror. Give them little prizes when they practice the habit every day. You can even play games with them to show them how much fun they can have. One example is to spread peanut butter or play-dough between egg cartons, which you will first invert to look like upper and lower sets of teeth. Give them some floss, so they can clean the “teeth” on the cartons.
• Book Routine Dental Exams: If your kids receive positive feedback from their dentist, they will be able to see firsthand how their efforts have helped. Be sure to stress the point when they have no cavities, so they will understand the positive effects of proper oral hygiene.

Schedule a Dental Visit for Your Children

Getting started early with good dental habits is essential. By finding ways to inspire your boys and girls to floss, you are making a solid investment in their future. Our Red Deer dentists are always delighted when your kids’ teeth are in excellent shape!

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