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How Safe Are Dental X-rays?

A visit to your dentist might involve a variety of procedures, from teeth whitening to oral cancer screening, cleaning, and X-rays. If you have ever wondered whether X-rays are safe or even necessary, you would certainly benefit from exploring the topic a bit further. 

Our professionals at Parkland Mall Dental Centre care about your overall health in relation to your dental health. Our team would not put your physical well-being at risk by performing an unsafe procedure. We also hope that you will always feel comfortable discussing such issues with us.


Understanding Dental X-rays & considerations

The subject of dental X-ray technology has been discussed at length among both researchers and the media. The consensus is that dental X-rays are an essential tool to help accurately diagnose the condition of the mouth but should be utilized where the benefits are clear. While the consensus seems to be that X-rays are generally safe, they should also consider the following points:

  • Radiation: X-rays do deliver a low dose of radiation. As long as a patient is not exposed to them frequently and proper precautions are taken, this amount of radiation should not cause health problems. You could be exposed to the same amount of radiation or more by eating 50 bananas, living in a brick house, or sitting in the sun.

  • Digital Technology: Digital radiology involves far less radiation exposure than traditional film X-rays. In fact, digital X-rays may utilize up to 90 percent less radiation than the conventional type. Parkland Mall Dental Centre uses digital X-ray technology.

  • Frequency: How frequently you should have your mouth examined by X-rays depends on a variety of factors. If you are in excellent oral health, you might not need to undergo X-rays very often. A patient in poor oral health or with ongoing dental issues might require them more frequently. As the Canadian Dental Association points out, X-rays are vital to prevent small dental health problems from becoming major conditions.

  • Children: Many parents wonder whether they should allow their children to go through a dental X-ray. Since the state of their mouths changes on a continual basis, kids may actually require closer examination than adults. Dentists take extra care by using a low radiation setting and by taking only one X-ray per session.

  • Pregnant Women: Women who are pregnant must take extra safeguards during that time period. Generally, pregnant women should avoid X-rays whenever possible, particularly during the first three months of pregnancy. However, dental emergencies sometimes require the use of X-ray technology. This should not be a cause for alarm, and digital X-rays today involve less radiation than ever.


Discuss Your Concerns with Your Family Dentist in Red Deer

You are always welcome to discuss oral health concerns with your dentist at Parkland Mall Dental Centre. If you believe that you are receiving X-rays more often than you should, talk to us about it. Your health is our top priority, and we want you to feel confident about every aspect of your dental care at our facility.

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