How Often Should Children See Their Family Dentist in Red Deer?

One of the top ways to ensure good oral health is to visit a dentist regularly. This is also true for children, even though their teeth are younger compared to adult teeth. According to a Global News Canada report, a whopping 40 percent of children under the age of five had not been to see a dentist. Many parents believe that because their young kids still have baby teeth, they don’t need regular dental checkups. That simply isn’t true. 

Unfortunately, not taking your kids to the dentist at an early age could be setting them up for poor oral health later.. By teaching your children healthy dental habits now, you could spare them from future discomfort and even disease. Routine checkups with their family dentist in Red Deer should be at the top of that list.

How to Promote Good Oral Health for Your Kids

The #1 way to keep on top of great oral health is to schedule preventative dental care. Follow these steps to foster healthy dental habits in your children as early as possible:

  • Dental Cleanings and Exams: As soon as your Red Deer family dentist feels that your children are ready for dental cleanings, make sure to schedule them twice a year. You should introduce your kids to their dentist as early in life as possible. This will help them to feel comfortable with preventative maintenance visits later. It will also help them to handle corrective treatment when the need for this arises. When you teach your kids a proper oral hygiene routine at home, it will reduce but not prevent the development of tartar and plaque. That is why routine checkups and cleanings are so vital to maintaining their oral health. Their dentist will not only clean their teeth, but will also check for problems such as speech issues and cavities. Fluoride treatments might also be part of these visits. 
  • Brushing: You and your children’s dentist can show your kids how to brush their teeth properly. Teach them to brush the entire surface of every tooth with gentle strokes. Use a small toothbrush designed for children, and be sure its bristles are soft. Replace toothbrushes every three or four months. You can make this a fun event, so they learn to be enthusiastic about dental health. Once your kids are able to consistently spit out the toothpaste and rinse with water, use toothpaste with fluoride. Your children should brush their teeth at least twice per day; once in the morning and again at night, just before bedtime. 
  • Flossing: Flossing is a crucial aspect of good dental hygiene, and your kids can begin doing this fairly early. Show your children how to dispense dental floss and wrap it around their fingers. Demonstrate how to slide the floss between the teeth. Like brushing, flossing should also be done on a daily basis. 

Semi-annual appointments with your family dentist in Red Deer can help your kids to maintain great oral health. Teach them proper maintenance habits at home, but don’t skip their scheduled dental visits. Parkland Mall Dental Centre is happy to accept new dental patients, including children.

Contact us today at 403-342-1118 to schedule check-ups for your kids. If your children are new patients, feel free to fill out the online contact form to request more information.