Help Your Kids Overcome their Fear of the Dentist

It is not unusual for a child to be apprehensive about dental visits. If you have one child who has this fear, there is a risk that your other kids may soon follow that example. 

Our dentists treating children at Parkland Mall Dental Centre can help. Dentists who are kid-friendly make visiting the dentist a more enjoyable experience. We want all of your family members to feel comfortable when you see our doctors, and we strive to make you feel welcome.

Red Deer Dentists Explain How to Help Kids Relax for their Dental Visits 

In some cases, you may be able to prevent your children from developing an unhealthy fear of the dentist. In other instances, while prevention may not be possible, you can still aid them in managing their anxiety. By implementing the following tips, you might assist your kids in viewing dental appointments differently:

• Examine Your Own Attitude: Do you groan and roll your eyes whenever you have a looming dental treatment scheduled? If so, your kids could be picking up their apprehension from your verbal and visual cues. If your children believe that you are afraid of the dentist, they are highly likely to begin feeling the same way. Talk to your kids about the benefits of visiting the dentist, such as avoiding cavities. Also, remind them of how friendly the dentist is during visits.
• Monitor Your Language: Even if you do not mind exams, cleanings, and treatments, the words you use can sound scary to your kids. Try to avoid words such as filling, drilling, and shot. Focus on how your kids will have their teeth cleaned, and how good they will feel after that.
• Book Regular Appointments: When your children visit the dentist regularly, they will be far less likely to fear office visits. They will also tend to avoid extensive treatment because regular visits tend to pick up issues at an earlier stage and require less intrusive dental treatment. If you allow them to feed their fear by skipping appointments, their anxiety will only increase with time.
• Simulate Dental Visits: Encourage your kids to indulge in make-believe dental exams. You might play the dentist initially, in order to set a positive example.

Going to the dentist is not an option; it is a necessity. Oral health is a key component of overall health. You need to get your children started as early as possible with dental visits. If they are afraid of doing this, talk to the staff at Parkland Mall Dental Centre. We will help you find solutions, so your kids want to keep coming back to see us.

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