Healthy Dental Habits Include Flossing

Getting your child started with a proper oral hygiene plan is critical to his or her health. In fact, even pre-school age children may require oral surgery if they don’t implement the right habits. By teaching your children to regularly brush and floss now, you can help them avoid many dental issues in the future.

It is not unusual for a parent to doubt the necessity of flossing for a child. This could be a tragic mistake to make. If your child does not start flossing as early as possible, he or she could manifest preventable cavities. Additionally, neglecting to floss may result in gum disease and loss of adult teeth later in life. Your family dentist in Red Deer can talk to your child about the importance of flossing.

Your Red Deer Dentists Offer Tips on Flossing 

Here are some tips on flossing from our team:

  • Why Flossing Is Important: Brushing every day is essential, but it isn’t as effective as daily brushing and flossing. Although a toothbrush works to remove plaque, it cannot reach between the teeth or underneath the gums. Your child needs dental floss to access those areas. Neglecting to floss enables harmful bacteria to grow between teeth. That growth may result in many oral health problems. 
  • Display a Chart: Children respond positively to visual cues, so consider hanging a printable flossing chart with a calendar in your bathroom. You can give your child a sticker to reward him or her for flossing on a daily basis. Let your child place the stickers on the calendar to reflect every flossing session. 
  • Floss with Your Child: To further promote this healthy habit, floss with your child every day. Show your children how to floss, and then, floss your own teeth along with them. If you are unsure about how to demonstrate flossing to your little one, ask your Red Deer dentist for guidance. Your family dentist can show your children how to floss, as well as offer tips for assisting them at home. 

Proper dental habits are a must for anyone who wants to stay in good health. Your family dentist in Red Deer is equipped to give your child most dental services he is likely to need, and provide a referral for specialized services when needed. A healthy oral hygiene routine for your child should include regular brushing, flossing, and visits with your family dentist.

Your Family Dentist in Red Deer Helps Instill Good Oral Hygiene in Children

The dentists at Parkland Mall Dental Centre can treat your entire family. We are always happy to accommodate new dental patients at our centre. People of all ages must implement the right habits to stay healthy, and our team can help. Don’t wait until your child experiences a dental problem to see us. We will assist in preventing many dental health issues for your kids. 

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