Happy Easter: Give the Gift of Teeth Whitening

Easter is an exciting celebration. Hunting for chocolate eggs, feasting on delicious food, and spending time with family and friends make it a wonderful weekend. While it is always fun to receive a traditional Easter basket, why not fill it with a special gift this year?


Skip the chocolates and candy – your special someone is sweet enough! Instead, why not give the gift of teeth whitening this Easter morning?

What Are the Advantages of Teeth Whitening?

Many people develop stains on their teeth over time. Eating, drinking, and enjoying life can sometimes leave its mark on our enamel and leave our teeth discoloured. Give your loved one the gift of teeth whitening and give them:

  • Younger look: Teeth discolouration occurs naturally with age, so brightening your smile will instantly make you look (and feel) younger!
  • Increased confidence: If you feel good about yourself, you will feel better about everything you do.
  • Brighter smile: This is the obvious benefit. No hiding behind cupped hands or keeping your lips tightly pursed during photos – let your bright, white smile shine.
  • Lasting results: Your whitening treatment will give you results for up to one year, and we will give you your whitening trays so that you can touch them up regularly. That means your loved one will remember your generosity every time they look in the mirror or get complimented on their bright and beautiful smile.


Give the Gift that Keeps Giving with Teeth Whitening this Easter!

Think outside the box and break with tradition by giving your special someone the gift of teeth whitening this holiday weekend. The family dentists at Parkland Mall Dental Centre in Red Deer can provide treatment to meet your needs. Trust us to give you or your loved one the white, bright smile they have always wanted. We offer a range of cosmetic dental procedures, alongside dentistry for children and general checkups, so you can come to us for all your dental needs. Currently, we are accepting new dental patients and would love to book you in for a consultation about teeth whitening in Red Deer.

Call our Red Deer family dentists at 403-342-1118 to learn more about teeth whitening. You can also fill out an online contact form to get in touch with our team and schedule your appointment today.