Getting Your Teeth Ready for Wedding Season in Red Deer

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and something pearly white. It's safe to say that teeth whitening before the big day has already solidified itself as a wedding tradition among brides, and is quickly catching on among grooms and members of the wedding party as well. 

Everyone wants to have a dazzling smile for the wedding photos, especially now that social media allows for the photos to be shared far and wide.

Whether it's you who's tying the knot this wedding season (congratulations!), or if you just want to look your best for the wedding of a friend or family member, you're probably starting to give some thought to brightening up your smile. You're likely wondering if you should get your teeth professionally whitened by a Red Deer dentist, or if the various surface whiteners you see advertised on TV would be enough.

While surface whiteners such as whitening toothpastes, strips, and gums can definitely make a difference for minimal staining, they might not give you quite the wedding-worthy results you are looking for. Compared to at-home solutions, in-office teeth whitening procedures are:

  • Faster and more effective - Dental professionals are able to use a much stronger whitening agent in their teeth whitening procedures than can be found in over-the-counter surface whiteners, making in-office treatments much more faster and effective at diminishing the appearance of stains.
  • Longer lasting - Results from an in-office whitening can last up to a year. If the wedding is still a ways away but it is more convenient for you to schedule an appointment now, then you won't have to worry about your bright smile fading. Additionally, we will give you trays to use at home and ‘touch up” your smile whenever you feel it is necessary to do so.


If you've decided that you'd like a fast, effective, and long-lasting teeth whitening that will look fantastic for the wedding, then get in touch with the dentists at the Parkland Mall Dental Centre in Red Deer. Professional teeth whitening services will give you a dazzling smile in time for the wedding and for a long time afterwards as well. You'll have the confidence to smile big and show off those pearly whites in every photo.