Getting the Most from Your Dental Insurance

Most dental insurance plans renew in January. If you do not use your benefits for the year, you lose those benefits. This means that if you have dental treatment pending, you should schedule it soon to get the most from your dental insurance. 

If you have not visited your dentist at Parkland Mall Dental Centre recently, this could be a good time to book an appointment. Your dentist can examine your teeth and devise a treatment plan if necessary.

Dental Treatments to Schedule Before the End of the Year

With the end of the year looming closer every day, you may want to schedule both routine and urgent procedures now. These are some of the treatments you might consider:

• Routine Cleaning and Exams: This is the perfect time of year to book routine cleanings and exams. Your dentist can examine your teeth for any issues that may have started to develop.
• Fluoride and Sensitivity Treatments: If your children require fluoride treatments, be sure to schedule these before the end of December. You may also want to request sensitivity treatments, if applicable.
• General Treatment for Kids: This is also a good time of year to schedule checkups and cleanings for your children. With Halloween and other holidays behind us, you should ensure that your little ones are in top oral health.
• Mouth Guards: If you, your kids, or another family member participates regularly in sports, your family dentist can help with a mouth guard for protection. The dentist takes impressions of both the top and bottom teeth to ensure a proper fit. A mouth guard can be particularly helpful for an individual who wears braces or another type of dental appliance.
• Extractions: Do you need to have a tooth extracted? Are your teenager’s wisdom teeth beginning to manifest? Do not wait to schedule such an important procedure. You may find that your insurance covers much of the cost.
• Other Oral Surgery: Any type of surgery can be relatively costly. If your insurance covers it, you should schedule an upcoming oral surgery before the end of the year. This might include corrective jaw surgery or TMJ surgery, for example.

Our Red Deer Dentists are Ready to Help

You may be tempted to put off dental treatment until after the holidays. However, this could be the best time of year to schedule a procedure. If your dental benefits are due to expire at the end of December, be sure to take full advantage of them before January. At Parkland Mall Dental Centre, you can get direct billing to your insurance company, so all you need to do is book your next visit and relax.

Call Parkland Mall Dental Centre at 403-342-1118 to book a routine exam, teeth cleaning, or other kind of dental treatment. You may also fill out our easy online contact form. We always encourage new dental patients to contact us, too —you are welcome!