Young woman recently graduated with certificate

Get Ready for Graduation – Get Your Teeth Whitened

Whether you are about to graduate or you are looking for a gift to give to a graduate in the family, teeth whitening is the perfect reason to smile with confidence. You can prepare for memorable photographs as well as job interviews with a white, bright smile.

It does not matter if graduation is a few weeks, days or even months away; teeth whitening is quick and easy and can fit into any busy schedule.

What Options Do I Have for Whitening My Teeth?

There are a few different options for whitening teeth and your family dentist in Red Deer can suggest one that fits your schedule, your needs as well as your budget. Here are a few methods you can choose from:

  • Trays and Gels – These are done at home and may take a little longer than in-office bleaching, but are safe and effective. First, you will need to be fitted for trays. Then, you will be given a peroxide gel in various strengths. You will wear the trays and gels about 30 minutes to a few hours per day. These will take anywhere from three days up to two weeks to achieve the full effect that you are looking for.
  • Whitening Strips – These are purchased over-the-counter, but will take much longer than the trays or in-office whiteners. While they are fairly inexpensive and do work quite well, they do not achieve the same brightness as professional whitening kits. Also, they may not whiten your teeth evenly because of the size and placement of the strips.
  • Teeth Whitening Toothpastes – These can take, by far, the longest, and are more for maintaining than actually creating a brighter, whiter smile. If you are using toothpaste alone, you may not notice your smile brightening up at all.

Get Your Teeth White Again – Visit Your Red Deer Dentist

If you are ready to show off a bright and beautiful smile at graduation or you want to give your graduate a gift they can remember for a lifetime, contact Parkland Mall Dental Centre for a teeth whitening appointment in Red Deer. Our Red Deer dentists offer in-office whitening as well as take home kits.

Call us at 403-342-1118 to learn more about our teeth whitening treatments. We are accepting new patients, so schedule your appointment today. Fill out an online contact form with your questions and we will recommend the best options available to you.