Get Ready for Back-to-School with a Dental Check Up

The new school year is quickly approaching. That means no more late nights, plenty of early mornings, and getting back into the school-work routine. It also means back-to-school festivities like picture day, making new friends, and more.

Give your child a great start to the school year by having his or her teeth checked at your family dentist in Red Deer.

Do not wait until the very last minute to schedule that appointment. Otherwise, you may be caught in the back-to-school rush and have to wait long before you can get a convenient appointment.

Why do Red Deer Dentists recommend Back-to-School Checkups?
Having a back-to-school dental appointment sets your child up for a new school year with confidence. If a child has poor oral health, studies show that they are more likely to miss class because of pain and discomfort.

Early detection of cavities and other dental complications could prevent your child from missing days at school. Also, it ensures your child gets back on track with a healthy dental routine for the new school year – something quickly forgotten in the bustle of summer.

What Does a Back-to-School Checkup Entail?
A back-to-school dental visit includes a few items, such as:

• Overall Check: First, your Red Deer dentist will check your child’s teeth. They will ensure that teeth are lining up as they should and see if there are orthodontic issues to address. For baby teeth, your dentist will make sure they are being replaced by permanent teeth in a proper sequence and that there is adequate room for them.
• Cleaning: After the initial check, your dentist will have your child’s teeth cleaned. Regardless of how well your child brushes and flosses at home, you need professional cleanings to remove the bacteria that may cause cavities in the future.
• Sealant Treatments: Depending on your child’s age and oral health history, your family dentist in Red Deer may recommend a sealant. This is a thin, protective layer put on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. They are inexpensive and highly effective at reducing cavities from bacteria build-up.
• Protective Wear: If your child plays sports during the school year, now is the time to have his or her mouthguard checked. A new device might be required if your child has lost a few of their baby teeth. If your child does not have a dental device but will be playing sports this year, it is the perfect time to conduct a fitting so that they are equipped with protective gear before the school year starts.

Beat the Rush and Schedule an Appointment with Your Family Dentist in Red Deer
As September approaches, more students find themselves in the dental chair. You can avoid the rush and book your child’s appointment now.

With a check-up today, your child can relax and enjoy the last few days of summer. You can also enjoy what is left of summer by knowing your child’s smile is healthy and ready for fall.

Parkland Mall Dental Centre is here to give your child the best start possible for the new year. Call us at 403-342-1118 to schedule a back-to-school check up. We are accepting new dental patients as well. You can also fill out our online contact form with your questions.