Dental Equipment for a Fast Dental Cleaning

Shiny, pointy, and mysterious, it is no wonder that some people find themselves feeling nervous or anxious of the tools in a dental clinic. Your family dentist in Red Deer has a lot of devices and tools at hand, making strange noises and with varying degrees of sharpness. 

While they may look strange, they actually help make your dentists’ job easier, your appointment shorter and teeth cleaner! Parkland Mall Dental Centre is proud to offer some of the latest technology available to today’s dentists. Leave behind your anxiety and nervousness and come prepared to feel relaxed and comfortable at your trusted family dentist in Red Deer. 

Tools and Technology at Parkland Mall Dental Centre 
Here are just a few of the tools we use for comprehensive dental services at Parkland Mall Dental Centre:

  • Digital X-Rays: Remember having that heavy vest put on your torso? If you don’t, it’s probably time to update your dental x-rays! We use digital x-ray technology that allows us to easily store, manage, recall, and compare your dental x-ray images. This technology gives us a detailed perspective to examine your teeth from and is particularly helpful for young patients who have adult teeth coming in. Digital technology allows us to track changes, note progress, and make predictions for imminent and preventative dental treatment. 
  • Sterilization: Each one of our instruments is thoroughly sterilized for every patient. A recent update to our process has allowed us to incorporate automated instrument washers that ensure effective, efficient and consistent cleaning of our instruments. We pride ourselves on the safety and cleanliness of our Red Deer dental clinic.
  • Intraoral Camera: When we need another perspective and a closer look at your teeth, gums and oral tissues, we may use the intraoral camera. This allows us to take digital magnified photos of the inside of your mouth to enhance our ability to assess issues more clearly. These images allow us to get the ‘full picture’ of your oral health and can help to diagnose the specific dental issues you face while determining the best possible treatment.

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Parkland Mall Dental Centre uses some of the latest technology available to dentists that enhance efficiency and improve the level of service we offer our patients. Our friendly staff is professionally trained and happy to answer your questions. Want to learn more about your specific procedure or a particular tool we may use during your appointment? Contact us today to get answers to your questions and understand more about how we help care for your teeth. We welcome new dental patients in Red Deer for services ranging from dentistry for children to care for dental emergencies and cosmetic procedures

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