Dental Care for Seniors

At any age, proper dental hygiene is important. Seniors must be particularly conscientious about dental care because they are at risk for a variety of dental health conditions. If you are a senior, you could be susceptible to developing issues such as gum disease, tooth and bone loss, root decay, dry mouth, and darkened teeth. In order to keep your mouth as healthy as possible, you must practise good oral hygiene habits. The team at Parkland Mall Dental Centre is happy to assist you in your efforts to implement best practices with regard to dental care.

Seniors: Dental Care Tips for a Healthy Mouth
You may already engage in healthy oral hygiene habits on a regular basis. However, as you grow older, your circumstances might change. By staying aware that the condition of your mouth may also change, you could prevent a variety of issues from manifesting or worsening. Follow these tips for oral health success:

• Brush, Floss, and Rinse Daily: You might know how important it is to brush and floss your teeth every day, but you may also forget to do these things on some days. If you find yourself slipping out of these crucial habits, remind yourself that you cannot reverse a condition such as gum disease. Make sure that you brush your teeth at least twice per day (an electric tooth brush may be a good investment), and floss them at least once daily. Also, rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash once each day.
• Habits to Avoid: In addition to practising healthy oral hygiene, stay away from foods and substances that are detrimental to your teeth and gums. Do not smoke or use tobacco/nicotine products in other ways. Reduce your consumption of candy, sugary drinks, and processed foods in general. Limit your consumption of coffee and alcohol, as well.
• Regular Dental Visits: Although you may be tempted to skip a cleaning or exam now and then, these visits are vital to your oral health and reduce future costs by catching problems while they are small and easy to fix. Schedule routine dental appointments as often as your dentist recommends, and do not miss those appointments. The regular visits give your dentist an opportunity to look for changes in your mouth that might need to be addressed immediately. Taking swift action in such cases can help to combat serious health problems, including gum disease, bone loss, and oral cancer.
• Proper Denture Care: If you wear dentures, they need to be examined periodically. The way that your dentures fit in your mouth can change. When this happens, they must be realigned so that you do not develop mouth sores. Ill-fitting dentures also make it difficult to speak and eat.

Visit Your Family Dentist in Red Deer
If you are a senior and are concerned about your oral health, talk to your family dentist about taking care of your mouth. Whether you still have all your natural teeth, dentures, implants, or a combination of natural and prosthetic teeth, keeping your mouth in good shape is essential to your overall health.

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