Demystifying the Common Dental Phobias

Taking care of your teeth and maintaining a healthy smile requires you to visit Red Deer dentists for annual check-ups and cleanings. You also need to brush and floss to maintain your oral health at home.

While you might do all you can at home, your dental phobias may be holding you back from getting to the dental chair for that preventive check-up.

It is not unusual to have some anxiety when seeing the dentist. In fact, many patients have it. However, some patients with dental phobias find the idea of going to the dentist’s office completely unmanageable. They are so scared that they could go years without a dental appointment – even when they have cavities and dental pain.

How Common is Dental Phobia?
Dental anxiety and phobias are much more widespread than people realize. In fact, it is estimated that 11 to 22 per cent of patients have extreme anxiety, which has an adverse impact on their dental health.

Dental phobias are more severe than anxiety. Phobias can leave you panic-stricken when you need to see the dentist. Sometimes the fear is irrational, while other times patients are in denial about their phobias.

If dental fears are keeping you from the dentist’s office, there are ways your dentist can help ease those fears and get you in for a visit.

Tips for Overcoming Dental Phobias and Anxiety
Regardless of what makes you anxious, it is important that you communicate with your Red Deer dentist about your fears. The more aware they are of the issues, the more likely they are to find a solution.

• Chairside Counseling: Sometimes, getting over your phobias is as simple as getting to the dentist’s office and having a chat. When you have a friendly, understanding family dentist with chairside manner, he or she will take the time to discuss what is bothering you and seek a solution to your phobias.
• Recognize the Fear: Most importantly, you need to stop and acknowledge the concerns you have. You need to come to terms with those fears and even write them down if you can.
• Work with the Right Dentist: You need a family dentist with experience handling patients with dental phobias. You can call and discuss your anxiety or fears over the phone, then see what options they have.
• Gradually Reduce: See if you can gradually reduce those fears by working with your dental professional carefully. Sometimes your dentist can use sedation techniques to ease the anxiety. For severe anxiety, your dental professional might prescribe something before the appointment so that you can calm yourself long before entering the dental office.
• Bring a Friend: Bring a companion along, such as a friend or family member. Go with someone that does not also have phobias about visiting the dentist, so that they can help keep you calm.

Red Deer Dentists Have Numerous Methods Available to Ease Your Anxiety
Never be ashamed of your dental phobias. Whether they seem irrational or they have kept you far from the dentist’s office for years, now is the time to face them and work alongside a dentist ready to help you.

Parkland Mall Dental Centre has a team of professionals ready to work with you today. We offer sedation dental services which eases the phobia. With the use of nitrous oxide, we help calm your nerves so that you can receive your dental checkup or corrective procedure.

Call us at 403-342-1118 to schedule a consultation with one of our Red Deer dentists. We are accepting new dental patients as well. You can also fill out our online contact form with your questions about sedation dentistry.