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Are Crooked Teeth A Genetic Problem? See what Your Red Deer Dentists Have to Say

Crooked teeth can impact more than your confidence. Overlapped, crooked, or misaligned teeth can make oral hygiene more difficult to maintain and actually lead to oral health problems. It is never too late to correct crooked teeth. Your Red Deer dentists will be able to provide treatment that is suitable for your budget and lifestyle. Are you wondering why your teeth are uneven or crowded?

Learn more about the common causes of crooked teeth below and consult with your family dentist in Red Deer at Parkland Mall Dental Centre for personalized care and information.

3 Common Causes of Crooked Teeth 

Everyone is different, and there are many competing theories on the subject, but these three factors are believed to be some of the most common reasons that people have crooked or misaligned teeth:

  1. Development: Incorrect jaw development may be to blame for the recent rise in the number of children who have adult teeth grow in crooked or crowded. Many experts have pointed to poor habits including thumb sucking, mouth breathing, and tongue or lip placement that can lead to a misaligned or malformed jaw. Repetitive motions and habits can lead to overbites and rearranged teeth, so curbing them early can save you time and money on dental care down the road. 
  2. Genetics: Hereditary crooked teeth are probably the most widely assumed cause for crooked teeth, but recent studies have shown that DNA might not be the primary contributing factor. While genetics does play some role in the formation, development, and appearance of teeth, the overcrowding common with young patients is typically not directly tied to their parents. Other factors, such as enamel strength and tooth shape, are more commonly inherited traits. Don’t blame your parents for your braces!
  3. Diet: The rise of the mass production of processed, less nutritionally dense foods has led to a decrease in jaw development. Without access to the proper variety and quality of vitamins, minerals, and other necessary nutrients, people’s jaws are not forming with the size and density of the past. From birth, foods with limited nutritional value that have been stripped through mechanical processes are consumed and used by the body as the ‘building blocks’ for bones, including the jaw and teeth. Without the rich, whole spectrum of nutrition required, smaller jaws form and there is less room for teeth.

Family Dentists in Red Deer

Parkland Mall Dental Centre accepts new dental patients and is happy to provide pediatric dental services and dental care for the entire family. Whether you have dealt with crooked teeth throughout your adult life and are ready for a change or want to correct your child’s habits or development issues early, our team can provide personal treatment.

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