Caring For Tooth Enamel

Tooth enamel is an incredibly strong substance, and it is meant to protect your teeth. This hard outer layer serves as a shield from the wear and tear it also protects your teeth from the sensitivity that would otherwise result from hot and cold temperatures. 

Unfortunately, this durable substance can erode under certain circumstances. If you have noticed that your teeth have become more sensitive, the issue may be due to the erosion of tooth enamel. Be sure to talk to your family dentist at Parkland Mall Dental Centre, so you may address the problem as quickly as possible.

How to Protect Your Tooth Enamel 

Although tooth enamel is a tough substance, it can be damaged. Once this happens, you could develop extreme sensitivity to cold and hot foods, and drinks. Use the following strategies to ensure that your enamel remains in top condition:

• Avoid Certain Foods: Consuming too many sugary, processed foods and beverages may lead to the presence of harmful bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria can wear away at the enamel on your teeth. Limit your consumption of such items as candy, cookies, and sugary drinks.
• Wait to Brush: You should generally brush your teeth after every meal. However, although citrus fruits may be healthy for you, they can wreak havoc with your tooth enamel. When you consume citrus fruits, rinse your mouth out with water, and then chew some sugarless gum. Wait a while to brush your teeth. Brushing directly after eating citrus items may promote enamel erosion.
• Brush Gently: You do not need to brush your teeth hard in order to get them clean. In fact, brushing too vigorously could actually harm the enamel. Get in the habit of brushing in small, gentle strokes. The ideal toothbrush for enamel protection is a power toothbrush, which, when used properly, will clean your teeth beautifully without damaging them.
• Brush and Floss Regularly: By brushing 2-3 times per day and flossing your teeth daily, you may limit the amount of harmful bacteria that cause plaque. This will help to prevent enamel erosion. You should also have your teeth cleaned as often as your dentist recommends.

Our Red Deer Dentists are Here to Assist

The team at Parkland Mall Dental Centre is here to help you keep your mouth in top shape. You can preserve the enamel on your teeth by practicing excellent oral hygiene. Regular dental appointments are a must if you want healthy teeth and gums. If it has been some time since your last routine visit, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment for a cleaning and exam. It is always easier to prevent problems such as enamel erosion than it is to treat them.

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