Broken Front Tooth?

No matter where it is in your mouth, a damaged tooth can be distressing. When you sustain an injury, you may experience pain, fear, and anxiety. If a front tooth breaks off, your emotions will likely be heightened even further.

If you injure one or more of your teeth, be sure to make an appointment with one of the Red Deer dentists at Parkland Mall Dental Centre. We will devise a treatment plan to correct the issue as soon as possible. In fact, we are available after normal business hours for urgent cases that require emergency care

Know Your Options When You Break a Front Tooth

After a tooth chips, cracks, or falls out, you may need to take several steps to manage the issue. First, you might have to apply first aid to your mouth. Additionally, a dental visit will be necessary, so your dentist can discuss the possibilities for fixing the problem.

These are some of the actions that may be advisable in the event of a broken tooth:

• First Aid: Before you make any other decisions, you should determine the extent of your injury. If there is much bleeding, apply pressure to the affected area with sterile gauze or cotton. If your tooth has fallen out, do not attempt to clean or touch it. However, you should place it in some milk, water, or saliva until you can get it to the dentist. If your lips or any other parts of your face become swollen, apply a cool compress, and take over-the-counter pain medicine as needed.
• Emergency Care: In cases where the bleeding does not stop after applying pressure for half an hour, you need medical attention. Do not delay calling our office during normal business hours if you have an emergency. When a permanent tooth has been knocked out entirely, there is a chance that it can be re-implanted if you see a dentist very quickly. If you are in doubt about whether urgent care is needed, call us.
• Treatment: After you have handled the immediate issue, you and your family dentist will need to discuss a treatment plan. We will most likely take X-rays to discover the scope of the problem. This will vary according to the type and extent of damage. If the tooth was cracked, having it bonded could be a wise choice. A crack that is long, but not below the root line, may be best served by a crown. If the crack reaches into the nerve of the tooth, then a root canal procedure will likely precede the crown. Chipped teeth may require bonding, crowns, or veneers. If a tooth is knocked out and cannot be re-implanted, a dental implant may be a viable option.

Your Red Deer Family Dentist Can Help

Trauma to any teeth can be alarming, but a broken front tooth adds more stress because it is so highly visible. Fortunately, the emergency dentists at Parkland Mall Dental Centre can provide invaluable emergency and long-term treatment.

Whether you have an urgent or routine dental issue, call us at 403-342-1118 to visit one of our Red Deer dentists. New dental patients are welcome to contact us. Please also feel free to reach us via our online contact form.