a man holding his mouth wondering if his teeth are shifting - he needs to see a dentist!

Are My Teeth Shifting? Here's What Your Family Dentist in Red Deer Has to Say

Over the years, your perfect smile has started to transform into something you no longer recognize. Whether it is one rogue tooth or all your teeth, shifting does happen inside your mouth as the years go by.

Even if you had braces as a child, your teeth might shift in your later years and the reasons might surprise you. Regardless of the cause, if you are concerned about movements in your teeth, you should consult with your family dentist at Parkland Mall Dental Centre to see what is going on and explore your corrective options.

The Surprising Reasons Why Teeth Move

You might think of your teeth as solid objects glued into place by your gums. After all, they are rooted in your jawbone, right? In reality, teeth are moveable and the positional changes you experience over the years occur for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Your Genetics: As if you could not be reminded enough that genes play a role in everything that occurs in life, teeth shifting is another one to add to the list! You might be born with straight teeth, but your genes may ultimately determine if your teeth will shift as you get older.
  • Cavities and Oral Health: Cavities are holes in your tooth that you correct with fillings. Once those cavities are filled, the composite might cause changes to your bite. Your dentist tries to avoid this by carefully placing fillings and testing your bite after. Gum disease can result in loss of bone that anchors your teeth; losing bone can allow your teeth to shift. You can reduce this risk with good oral hygiene habits and timely professional cleanings at the dentist.
  • Your Age: Plenty of things shift with age, and your teeth are indeed one of them. The area between your teeth slowly wears away and enamel thins out. Your lower teeth are thinner naturally, which forces them to wear out faster. The more wear and tear, the less likely your teeth on the bottom can handle the pressure of chewing from your top teeth, forcing them to shift out of the way.
  • Grinding Teeth: Are you a chronic teeth grinder at night? Grinding forces your lower jaw to push forward and puts extensive pressure on the upper teeth. Allowing it to continue and the pressure to go untreated, forces your teeth out of alignment.
  • Tooth Loss or Removal: Initially, your teeth each had a special place inside your mouth. Over the years, you might have lost a tooth to trauma or even had a molar or two removed due to overcrowding. Any extra space leaves wiggle room for teeth to move and shift because they do not have anything holding them back. With molars you have removed, the stress from chewing alone can force teeth to shift toward open spaces in your mouth.

How Your Red Deer Dentists Can Help with Shifting Teeth

Seeing changes in your teeth can be daunting, but you are not without options. If you suffer from shifting teeth, your family dentist can help by using cosmetic dental procedures.

Deciding which procedure is best for you comes down to the extent of shifting and your goals for oral health and aesthetics. Sometimes bridges can help replace missing teeth and prevent further shifting. Other times you might need implants to hold the line where you lost natural teeth.

Regardless, shifting teeth should not make you lose hope. Instead, speak with a cosmetic dental professional at Parkland Mall Dental Centre. During our initial consultation, we can discuss your options and help find the right method of correction for your smile.

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