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Are All Mouth Guards Created Equal?

With several types of mouth guard available on the market, some are better than others. Here’s what you should know about the most common ones available.

Football players wear them. Hockey players wear them. Wrestlers wear them… but do you? At Parkland Mall Dental Centre, we frequently treat injuries incurred when playing sports or other high-contact activities. Our dedicated team of dentists encourages our patients to wear custom athletic mouth guards every time they’re on the field, court or ice. 

Dental mouth guards help protect your teeth, jaw and brain from injury and damage and are recommended for those who play contact sports and sports involving flying equipment such as soccer and tennis. In fact, any activity that includes jarring movement to the jaw, including rollerblading and acrobatics, can put you at risk for serious injury that could have a lasting effect on the cosmetic look of your teeth, concussions, or even your ability to chew food properly.

Luckily, there are several types of mouth guard available on the market, and we’re here to tell you that some are definitely better than others. Here’s what you should know about the three most common ones available.

Common Types of Mouth Guards 

1. Stock mouth guards
Though they’re the least expensive option, standard mouth guards aren’t customized to your fit your teeth and mouth. They come in predetermined shapes and sizes and are available in most sporting goods stores. As a result, they may be awkward and make talking and breathing more difficult. Their poor fit makes for inadequate protection, so most dentists don’t recommend them.

2. Boil and bite mouth guards
A better option than the stock type, this variety of mouth guard is also available at many sports stores. Pre-formed into a U-shape, they offer a bit more customization than stock guards as they can be formed to fit your teeth. You first boil the plastic to soften it, then bite into it. They’re a little bit more expensive than stock mouth guards, but more comfortable. However, the technique for adapting such mouth guards to your teeth is difficult to follow and often leads to a poor fit.

3. Custom made mouth guards
Though somewhat more expensive, custom-made mouth guards offer the optimal level of protection. They’re tailor-made from impressions of your teeth taken by your dentist and constructed from superior materials.

Custom athletic mouth guards are preferred by professional athletes, as they’re more likely to fit better (thus more effective in protecting you from injury) less likely to cause issues with speaking and breathing. They’re comfortable when you wear them and won’t fall out easily because they’re designed to be an exact fit. 



Whichever type of mouth guard you choose, just be sure to replace it regularly. Wear and tear causes damage to mouth guards over time. Dentists also especially recommend replacing children’s and teens’ mouthguards often due to how quickly they grow and their mouths can change quickly over a short period of time. 

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