Affordable Dental Care in Uncertain Times

Alberta is facing difficult times with an economic recession that is leaving many people with an uncertain future. This is creating hard times for people across the province, but is especially concerning for those with children. If you or your spouse have lost your job, resulting in a loss or decrease of benefits that would otherwise cover your dental care expenses, Parkland Mall Dental Centre is here to help.


We are accepting new patients and provide flexible services.

How Your Family Dentist in Red Deer Can Help

Our team is dedicated to providing Red Deer residents with family dental care and as such, we have services and special considerations in place for families and individuals who are currently facing the difficulties and uncertainty of the recession.

Here are some of the ways we are helping people continue receiving the dental care they deserve:

  • Predictable Dental Costs – We understand that uncertain financial times can weigh on each family in unique ways. That is why we can pre-check your benefit level with your insurance and/or offer estimates for dental care that help you understand exactly how much you will be paying for dental care and services. We can also give you advice on how to sequence and prioritize the dental care you need so that costs can be spread out over a period of time. This can help you properly budget and you can continue to prioritize your family’s health and well-being while balancing other financial demands in your lives.
  • Flexible Bill Options – We offer direct billing so that you don’t have to pay upfront. Additionally, whether you need to reallocate billing to your spouse’s insurance provider for reimbursement or will be covering the expenses yourself, our team will work with you to figure out the billing option that works best.
  • Minimize Stress – Eliminate concerns about looking for an appropriate family dentist in Red Deer for your children. Parkland Mall Dental Centre has years of experience in family dentistry and we are committed to providing our patients with comprehensive service for the entire family. We voluntarily follow the Alberta Dental Association Fee Guide for all procedures. 

Parkland Mall Dental Centre is Currently Accepting New Dental Patients

As things change, relying on your family dentist to provide a high level of care and service should not. Don’t compromise the dental healthcare you and your family receive. Whether you need a new child-friendly family dentist in Red Deer or are looking for an office closer to home, the team at Parkland Mall Dental Centre is here to take care of your entire family’s oral hygiene. Schedule your bi-annual examination, cleaning, or other dental work with one of our friendly dental professionals.

Call us at 403-342-1118 to learn more about our dental services. You can also fill out an online contact form to get in touch and schedule an appointment at our clinic.