an open palm holding a tooth that has fallen out due to an injury or accident

3 Common Types of Dental Injuries

Dental injuries are more common than you may think, especially among athletes.

This is why it’s so important to do your research and wear a mouth guard when participating in competitive sports or activities. It may seem like a small thing or an afterthought, but this simple device goes a long way in protecting your teeth and jaw. Because dental injuries occur frequently, it’s a good idea to understand how to react should you ever be faced with one. Here are three types of common dental injuries and how to attend to them.


Broken and chipped teeth are classified as fractures. In this case, it is considered urgent and you need to visit an emergency dentist as quickly as possible so that immediate action can be taken to protect the nerve.


If you’ve suffered an avulsion, your entire tooth, root and all, has been knocked out. After gently rinsing the tooth in water, you can try reinserting it, then biting down on a towel to get it to implant into its socket once more. If this attempt proves unsuccessful, place the tooth in some milk. In either case, quickly head to a dental clinic (and be sure to bring the tooth with you if you were unable to implant it).


The third type of injury is called a luxation. This means that the tooth has not fallen out, but it has shifted out of position. There are two different kinds of luxation. The first is an extruded tooth, which is when your tooth moves up, giving the impression that it’s longer than your other teeth. The second kind is called a lateral displacement, which refers to situations where the tooth has migrated either forward or backward. You shouldn’t try to reposition the tooth on your own. Instead, get to a dentist as soon as possible. 

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