Red Deer Dentists Discuss Gum Disease and the Importance of Regular Cleanings

The Link Between Cancer and Gum Disease

You might be aware that periodontitis is a very serious condition. By the time you receive such a diagnosis, you might already have lost one or several teeth. Did you know that there is also a connection between gum disease and various types of cancer?

The following kinds of cancer have been associated in some way with gum disease:
• Oral Cancer – Studies have indicated that those who have periodontitis may be at an increased risk of developing oral cancer. This includes precancerous oral lesions, as well as tumors of the mouth. The risk is even higher for people who drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes.
• Neck or Head Cancer – Another problem for those who have gum disease is the increased possibility of getting head or neck cancer. In addition to appearing in the mouth, cancer may arise in the throat. Chronic inflammation is a common result of having periodontitis, and such inflammation can lead to an environment that supports cancer.
• Lung Cancer – The strongest link between lung cancer and gum disease could be smoking. Smoking has long been associated with lung cancer. This habit is also a significant factor in the manifestation of periodontitis. Whether there is a direct correlation between periodontitis and lung cancer has not been clearly established yet, but the link is strong enough to be an excellent reason to quit smoking.
• Other Cancers – There are several other types of cancer linked to gum disease and tooth loss. Individuals who have experienced periodontitis or tooth loss may be more likely to have breast cancer, esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, blood cancers, kidney cancer, and Upper GI and gastric cancers.

Consult Your Family Dentist in Red Deer about the Prevention and Treatment of Gum Disease
While the link between periodontitis and various cancers varies, there is enough evidence to support the importance of preventing and treating gum disease. The Red Deer dentists at Parkland Mall Dental Centre want to assist you in keeping your mouth as healthy as possible. By doing this, you might also be able to prevent cancer from manifesting in your body.

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